Sports Interactive and FIFAe recently announced an exciting partnership aimed at crowning the first-ever FIFAe World Champion in the video game “Football Manager.” This unique tournament brings together digital and traditional football in an unprecedented way, offering the world’s best e-sports coaches a prestigious stage.

In the inaugural year of this collaboration, selected FIFA member associations will be invited to participate in the final tournament based on eligibility and player count per nation. This ensures a fair and representative global competition, giving talents from around the world the chance to showcase their skills.

An Exciting Tournament Format

At the final tournament, held from August 29 to September 1, 2024, the best “Football Manager 2024” players will demonstrate their tactical knowledge and compete for a prize of USD 100,000. Players can sign up via FIFA.GG to learn more about the qualification process in their country.

Interestingly, the tournament requires a deep understanding of football strategy and tactics, making it a fascinating blend of digital and traditional sports. To succeed, participants must not only master the game’s mechanics but also possess extensive football knowledge.

Integration into the Football World

As e-sports tournaments like the FIFAe World Cup gain more attention, the increasing interplay between digital and traditional football becomes evident. This development offers fans new entertainment opportunities and new ways to deepen their knowledge and passion for the sport.


In connection with the enthusiasm for football and e-sports, betting providers have long recognized this trend. Fans can now not only bet on football matches in the traditional sense but also on the outcomes of eSports tournaments. This further indicates how closely these seemingly different sectors are merging. Tournaments like the FIFAe World Cup, which require real-life football knowledge and expertise, blur the lines even more.

Prominent Support

Legendary football manager Arsène Wenger, FIFA’s Chief of Global Football Development, has been named the ambassador for the e-sports tournament. Wenger emphasized that this competition demands participants to have a comprehensive understanding of football strategy and tactics. “At FIFA, we are committed to developing coaches and coaching techniques to give every talent a chance. I look forward to seeing the best e-sports coaches from around the world at this event, contributing to the global advancement of football management and talent development,” said Wenger.

Further Developments in E-Sports

Besides the FIFAe World Cup, FIFAe recently announced a groundbreaking partnership with Rocket League and the introduction of a FIFAe World Cup for this video game.


In this tournament, 16 nations from around the globe will compete for the title. Although Rocket League has little to do with real football, the car soccer game, with its massive fanbase and thrilling online gaming tournaments and matches, fits perfectly with FIFA’s international tournament concept.

The combination of traditional football and e-sports offers exciting new perspectives and demonstrates how dynamic and diverse the world of sports has become today. Fans can look forward to numerous innovative events and tournaments that continue to blur the boundaries between digital and real sports.