The process of betting on different sports can be made even more interesting. By studying strategies that increase the chances of winning, you can get additional benefits. In particular, you must choose the right platform such as 1xbit1 slots with a modern interface and pleasant conditions. In practice, one can test different strategies to draw valuable conclusions and improve predictions.

Peculiarities Of Live Betting

Live bets differ in that they can change during the match. This also applies to coefficients. In addition to the strategy, it is important to take care of other points. For example, decide on the amount of the bet after analyzing your budget. Next, you need to choose a verified bookmaker. It will not be superfluous to compare the coefficients of several bookmakers with each other.


After that, you can proceed to choose a strategy. Let’s highlight some of the most popular:

  • Catching up is a tactic, the essence of which is to increase the bet with each loss. The player increases the amount until he receives a win that covers all previous costs. Here it is important to remain calm, and prudent and take into account the results of previous games.
  • Oscar Grind is a strategy that is relevant at odds greater than 2. It came from the casino and consists of placing bets until receiving a win in the amount of 1.
  • Kelly’s criterion is a special analysis. The size of the bet changes depending on the bankroll. The tactics are as follows – in case of a loss, the amount increases, and in case of a win, on the contrary, it decreases.
  • D’alembert (formerly Pyramid) is a strategy with an increase in the bet by 1 unit when losing. If you have a profit, it must be reduced by the same amount. Less risk can be gained if you use this tactic with high odds.


In addition to strategies, it is also important to understand the chosen sport and analyze all the important details before placing a bet. Among the common mistakes of bettors – immediately large bets. It is better to choose from smaller ones and not to use complex strategies right away. If you are offered special bonuses, be sure to use them. Bookmakers use them as an incentive, and bonuses allow them to get additional chances for a positive result.


The most popular bet is the result of the match. In general, there are many categories of live bets, so the user will need to decide on them. The type of sport is another point, and football is most often chosen. The main thing is to choose the match and sport that you are interested in because betting is additional excitement and entertainment.

You will have more chances to bet correctly if you have previous statistics. Of course, you can also listen to experts, but you need to carefully choose proven channels of information. As for strategies, there are a lot of them. If you are interested in tactics, test different options and follow the match closely. Stick to the plan and enjoy the process.