The world is never short of entertainment options and the growth of mobile gaming and online connectivity has ensured that the entertainment industry caters to all individual preferences of players. With the advent of online gaming, casinos have evolved to cater to online audiences by offering a variety of pastime activities to choose from.

One of the most played entertainment options in the world today is Poker. The blend of its simplicity and ability to keep players entertained cannot be understated, which is why it has developed into one of the most sought-after pastimes of our modern age.

The ever-advancing march of technology has made online poker tournaments amazingly popular. But what makes poker so entertaining? Why have many fans worldwide picked an interest in poker by playing with a real money online casino? What are some of the best books you can read to gain insights on how to play poker? Read on to discover some of the best poker books you can obtain to discover how to navigate the incredibly popular world of poker.

The Theory of Poker (David Sklansky)

Most theorists and any serious poker player regard this classic text as the game’s strategic dictionary. The book is divided into 25 chapters, has 276 pages, and contains all the basic strategic fundamentals any player needs to excel at poker.

This book will not be an interesting read for casual readers, but it contains in-depth knowledge of widely debated poker concepts. The book teaches players how to think like professional poker players, even if they have little or no prior knowledge of the game. It covers the basics of poker strategy, such as pot odds, outs, and implied odds.

Any top poker player will have come across this book and its significance can hardly be overstated. With this book’s chronology of poker knowledge, it is the benchmark for future poker strategy debate and theory discussion.

Super System 2: A Course In Power Poker (Doyle Brunson)

How often do you see world poker champions give out keys to unlocking the gate of poker treasure? Well, this is what two-time world champion Doyle “Texas Dolly” Brunson did with the Super System 2. Brunson gave away some of the great insights that any serious poker player will be interested in learning, and this book has continued to be relevant after three decades.

Alternatively titled, “How I Made Over $1,000,000 Playing Poker”, this two-volume set is another foundational work that every serious poker player must read to succeed in the poker world. It covers a wide range of topics, including hand selection, position, and bluffing.

This poker book is the first book to include top poker players’ contribution who were widely acknowledged as the best in the world. In terms of quality and quantity, this amazing poker book has stayed relevant decades after its release.

Harrington on Hold’em (Dan Harrington)

If your aim is to take your game to the next level, then this poker book is for you. Apart from being one of the best poker books to gain valuable insights from, this book is considered one of  the best-selling poker book in history having surpassed 300,000 copies sold. Dan Harrington, the 1995 world poker champ-ion co-authored the book with Bill Robertie, a master chess player and game theorist.

This book by Harrington is a great resource for learning how to play No-Limit Hold’em, the most popular form of poker. It covers insights on both cash games and tournaments. This book is in four volumes, and they made poker much tougher to beat with the exposure they brought to players who read them.

While there have been four volumes of this book and its wide acceptance among serious poker players, the first release has stood out as one of the best poker strategy books ever written.

Hold’em Poker For Advanced Players (Mason Malmuth)

If any book is a must-read for any serious poker player in the 1900s, it was definitely Hold’em Poker For Advanced Players. This book was aimed at experienced players who want more knowledge about poker. This book was first published in 1988 and has been re-printed severally after that.

Virtually all Hold’em played till 2003 has a limit and this book had a major impact on the poker games and players that were successful during the time. Some of the concept, such as the “semi-bluff” that eventually became part of the game’s lexicon was first coined by Malmuth. This book covers advanced concepts such as game theory optimal (GTO) play and exploiting player tendencies.

Malmuth’s book caused a major shift and broke down a variety of different situations that ended up altering the fundamentals of the game, especially in the period between 1988 to 2003, when Limit started experiencing a decline in fame.

The Mental Game of Poker (Jared Tendler)

Poker is a unique game where you can make great decisions and still end up losing a hand, busting a tournament, or going months without making any profit. Dealing with the mental stress that comes with this phase in the life of every poker player is exactly what the Mental Game of Poker is all about.

This book was written by one of the leading mental coaches out there, and it gives valuable tips and instructions on how players can handle the downsides of poker. This book is essential for players who want to improve their mental strength. It covers tilt control, focus, bankroll management, and how to achieve a balance between poker and the rest of your life.

These are just but a few of the many great poker books available for new and experienced players. The amount of resources aimed at making you better at poker is vast and you can always get first-hand information from the books highlighted above on how to play poker.