Working as a realtor in Tennessee’s property market can be rewarding and lucrative. The market is dynamic with plenty of room for growth. However, before you start taking investors to visit new properties or help families purchase their first house, you must get the skills and license to work in real estate.

That is where the Tennessee real estate license course curated by the Tennessee Real Estate Commission comes in. The course is offered online and in physical colleges and campuses.

However, the biggest challenge is choosing the best pre-licensing program.

Your Learning Style is Crucial

Knowing your learning style is vital before you get into the debate about which one is better, between online courses and physical classes. Both options have their share of pros and cons. However, what matters most is finding a course that complements your learning style.

Online pre-licensing courses are dynamic and flexible. You can learn from anywhere using your laptop if you have internet access. If you are sold on the benefits of using online programs, you could try here. This is a solid option for those with a 9-5 or a busy schedule with no free time to attend physical classes.

Understanding the Requirements

Each state has its own eligibility requirements for applicants who want to get a Tennessee realtor’s license. The pre-licensing course is 90 hours long and covers crucial topics related to contracts, property law, fair housing, and drafting appraisals.


You must also be 18 years or older with high school-level education. A high school diploma or an equivalency certificate is enough to get you through the door. The state will also run a background check to see if you are a person of good moral standing.

Read Course Evaluation

Reviews and past students’ testimonials contain a lot of useful information. Check out Google Reviews or Yelp for reviews about the course and instructor quality. Also, look at the students’ pass rate.

A high pass rate is a good sign and should boost your confidence. You can still contact the school for more information about the course quality and payment plans. Some schools offer trial options with money-back guarantees. You can sample the course, and if it isn’t to your standards, withdraw and find another one.

More Learning Features

The most expensive course isn’t the best in all cases. However, a course with more study materials is always better. Practice exams, flashcards, instructor-led webinars, and access to experienced real estate professionals are valuable tools that enhance your understanding.


Some schools offer internship opportunities, linking students with brokerage firms for sponsorship programs after licensing. This will help you avoid a lot of stress that comes with looking for a sponsoring broker.

Summing Up

Getting your license will open you up to more opportunities as a relator in Tennessee. However, the first thing you must do is find a good course. A good course will prepare you for the work environment and the state exam, which is your gateway to getting a relator’s license.