Bonus codes have become an essential pillar in online casino gaming, and while we won’t dive into why this is, a significant part of their success has come from the wealth of choice and the different types of bonuses that have emerged.

A lot of credit also goes to the power of marketing and creativity, particularly with bonus codes. In a nutshell, they distill the main reason people seek them out in the first place – to obtain free betting credits or betting amounts they can use for either casino gaming or sports betting.

Initially, trying out betting codes may seem confusing. There are several different types, and many of them target specific areas of the iGaming market that may not include your betting preferences.

Today, we will cover some of the top types of bonuses that people use in the US. As the domestic market in North America continues to grow due to several states moving toward more favorable legislation, let’s look at the current landscape in 2024 and some of the codes you can try.

Exploring Bonus Codes

With so many different types of promotions and bonus codes available, you need to find those that best suit your gambling preferences. Now that there’s such a mountain of bonuses online, websites have made it their mission to get them all under one umbrella and put them through their paces, rating them using a range of criteria.

Some of the top casino bonus sites have taken this approach wisely, allowing their casino experts to rank which bonuses have the most offers and which current bonuses rank higher than their competition. BonusCodes is a great example of a site that brings the top bonuses together, allowing you to look at them in the same place without spending hours trawling through different marketing emails or internet searches.

Components of a High Bonus

When it comes to online betting bonuses, the top ones share certain variables. While many bettors prefer no deposit bonus codes or free spins, it all boils down to the selection of available markets and the value of the promotion.


Some bonuses might seem better on the surface – perhaps offering more value. However, it’s all about the details in the terms and conditions of any bonus. You want to ensure that any promotion you use emphasizes that you can use it on more than one or two games.

Likewise, wagering requirements, max cashout and expiry date are all important elements you should consider before you decide which welcome bonus to use. One of the reasons bonuses have become such a seminal advertising feature in online gambling is that they can draw on several of these factors, and the global competition has meant that providers have to be at the top of their game to get ahead of their rivals.

While some commentators argue that the age of “buy one, get one free” has gone, we argue the contrary. It has simply shifted online, and welcome bonuses and online casino promotions are a clear example of this.

Bonus Codes to Try

As we have already established, bonus codes and promotions are a marketing tool used by online casinos and sports betting companies of all sizes to get you on board so they can highlight the most impressive standout elements of their service and platform. Here are a few of the top sites and why you should try them:


Of all the top names in online betting, bet365 has spearheaded many of the changes we’ve seen in the international industry. While it first made its name in the UK market, bet365 quickly entrenched itself on the global stage due to its pioneering mobile app.


Some of the features include accumulator bonuses and two-goal lead early payouts – something that many other platforms now use. The current bonus that customers can use involves $30 as betting credits, which is becoming a popular promotion.


Another big name in UK betting is Unibet, which is starting to make a name for itself in the UK market. Unibet’s offer provides new customers with $40 in betting credits, which can be used on any sports betting market.


If you’re in the US and looking for a betting code that combines free spins and casino betting credits, the LeoVegas offer of $100 in credits and 50 free spins is your bonus of choice.

Final Thoughts

Online betting companies implement dozens of ideas in a bid to attract the highest numbers of new customers. It’s not just betting codes they use to do this; they also optimize website design, implement customer feedback and work with web designers so their site’s aesthetic can attract as many people as possible.

Due to the immense competition in the US betting markets, there’s no shortage of online betting bonuses you can try. You can skip between the bonuses on offer and see which platform you prefer. As long as you consider the terms in the betting bonus and the elements you need to be looking out for, you can extract that extra mileage from your code and hoover up a few free bets in the process.