By creating an online store, a beginner tries to attract customers with interesting products and favorable prices. By doing this, he makes a grave mistake, which leads to a lack of profit and disappointment of the unlucky businessman. Not surprising, because for a startup, not only the content of the site is important, but also its design. Even website developers from start from this idea.

It has long been proven that a visitor’s first impression of a new website is based on its visual design and simplicity of the interface. If the design makes a negative impression, the user may immediately close the page without even paying attention to the products. Therefore, website developers must devote maximum effort to developing a template for an online store.

Basic requirements for online store design

When developing an interface for a website, the following rules must be observed:

1. Consider the balance between the beauty and weight of the pages. If a website has a lot of animation and high-resolution images, the pages will take a long time to load. The user may not wait for the result and start looking for other stores.

2. Pay attention to simplicity of structure and management. A visitor comes to an online store to search and order goods. He will not want to deal with the incomprehensible interface of the site and study the menu for a long time.


3. Take care of adaptive design. Pages should look fine on a monitor with any resolution. Also, in modern conditions, it is important to adapt the resource for mobile devices.

4. Develop a unique style. The design of your online store should include brand colors. This will allow buyers to visually recognize the site against competitors.

When choosing a stylistic solution for an online store, it is important to choose the right color scheme. It is better to avoid bright combinations, as they irritate many users. Choose neutral tones that will not distract the visitor from shopping. Also consider the focus of the outlet.

For example, if you sell products for newborns, you can add background images of diapers, feeding bottles, toys, and other baby products to the template. If you have a department store, such a design will cause confusion and even irritation among part of the audience.

Marketing moves in website design

The interface of the trading platform should unobtrusively lead the visitor to the desire to place an order. The following tools are used for this:

● colorful sliders with the most popular products;

● promotional offers;

● block of recently viewed products.


Perhaps the user looked at the product, but forgot to add it to the cart or decided to study the assortment in more detail. He can come back and place an order if he sees a link to the products he viewed.

Also, the online store should have a convenient sorting of goods by type, brand, price and characteristics. Implement filters on catalog pages and you will simplify the search for products, and therefore increase the number of sales.