Slot games are always a popular form of entertainment online. The genre offers a nice mix of theming and features, with the ability to win major prizes. One newer category of slot gaming that continues to grow is Megaways. With a Megaways slot, you have more ways to win than a traditional game. Players can access up to 177,649 ways to win, which certainly boosts prize potential. But are these games worth a spin?

What does the Megaways mechanic provide? Learning more about this element will ensure players understand how the game type works and help in the decision-making process on which game to spin.

What are Megaways Games?

A Megaways slot is one that includes a unique reel mechanic that can increase the number of winaways per spin from 243 to 117,649. Each spin will vary in the number of winning ways on offer. The paylines constantly change, so you never know when more opportunities to earn prizes will occur.

With this game type, the slot typically has two symbols that remain on the left position for each reel. Then, all the other reels can contain two to seven of the same icons. Symbols are distributed at random and are affected by other in-game elements such as wilds, multipliers, free spins, and mystery icons.

A Winning Mechanic with Cascades

One reason that Megaways games are so exciting and fun to play is the cascading element. With cascades, players will see winning symbols removed from the game grid. The symbols are then replaced with new icons. This can create win after win, depending on the new symbols dropping into place.

The cascades feature adds another level of unpredictability to the game, and when combined with the Megaways mechanic, they can lead to more wins. Once a quick succession of wins occurs, it leads to prize after prize, which can easily boost a bankroll. Of course, the number of successful wins cannot be predicted, but this is why the game type is so popular: players have no idea what will happen next.

How to Select a Quality Megaways Game

When it comes to selecting online casino games with a Megaways mechanic, certain elements must be considered. Top options are created by software companies, including Pragmatic Play, so you know the game will offer a quality experience.

At online casino sites, you can use a search feature to locate Megaways games and list all your options in one place. From there, select a game and open it to review the info section. Here, you can see all the features, the number of Megaways, and the return to player percentage (RTP).

Pay close attention to how many Megaways the game has and the RTP. Look for titles with a higher number of Megaways and a 96% RTP. Finding a higher RTP can be difficult, but once you do, it increases your chances of earning a win.

You can also look at the volatility level of a slot game. A title with high volatility will pay out less frequently but offer larger prizes. Games with lower volatility will feature more payouts and smaller prizes. Consider what your goal is with a game to select a title that will work for you.

Try Megaways and Decide for Yourself

Megaways can definitely provide an added element to the reel-spinning experience. Give this game type a try if you enjoy slot machines to see if the game type is worth the hype. You may find that Megaways titles are your new favorite and a perfect way to explore unique slot game themes and features with plenty of ways to win!