Despite Bitcoin’s over 300% growth over the past years, Ethereum has always been held in high regard by crypto analysts for not having a single dull moment ever since its inception. For Ethereum, not bearing the title of the first crypto ever has proven advantageous, for it capitalized on the tech provided by the crypto harbinger, building on top of it to become the largest blockchain for different alternative purposes behind value exchange, such as smart contracts and DeFi apps.

Ethereum has undoubtedly had enough momentum for analysts to reasonably think of it as the upcoming boom in the crypto sphere. Add that it surpassed many expectations when it instantly breached and exceeded its $3K limit, succeeding in growing to a dizzying $3.8K at the moment of writing, with predictions only positioning it higher.

With a growth of over 60% over the past three months and an achieved 22-month high, the ETH  price chart is targeting a new peak in the past two years – the $4K threshold. For breaching such a limit would be a reason to rejoice and probably cash in on the long-held ETH, it’s only natural for those late to the game to stress over a pressing question. Could it be tardy to invest in Ethereum and generate some ROIs later, or is there still time? How much are analysts predicting it to rise, and where is it more likely to go? All these compelling questions are to be dissected in the following paragraphs for you to make the most insightful decision, so read on if you’ve been long pondering such a move.

Ethereum FOMO is Rapidly Soaring

Essentially, ETH remains in a substantially strong position, especially as investors are more eager than ever to stake and restake in massive proportions. Around 31M staked ETH has been registered, equating to over ¼ of the current circulating supply. A primary force is fueling such forceful activities on any platform whatsoever. With the spot Ethereum deadline fixed for March, it’s only natural for the larger investor category to sense the potential for significant rewards from such a practice and redirect their funds and focus on staking. Ethereum, which stays locked on the platform for further yields, is rising as a promising business. This tendency is bound to diminish the ETH amount existing on the market, leading to a favorable supply shock.

Add the mainly deflationary nature of the network ever since the launch of the Merge, and we’re in for an even tighter ETH supply available. Only good news is on the horizon for savvy investors; the main question remains whether Ethereum is still profitably priced for an investment to further yields. Similarly, it’s essential to analyze the rising FOMO and its roots precautionarily, as well as how much a said investment of yours would be triggered by a possible anxiety of not missing out on a bargain deal.

If there’s a power that influences crypto prices invisibly, this is, by all means, investors’ moves when the asset looks too promising not to jump on it.

How much Could the Spot ETH ETF Deadline Contribute to the Rising Greediness?

An eagerly awaited event in the cryptoverse is set to unfold in May, namely the decision of the SEC regarding the potential approval of Ethereum ETFs for the issuing companies that have submitted their requests for a while. ETF kiasuism, happening among competitive investors who wouldn’t miss out on such rewarding opportunities for anything, has been gradually accumulating if we were to look at the large investments made by whales and institutional investors in the case of the earlier-approved Bitcoin ETF in the U.S.

Spot ETFs bring about a plethora of advantages and benefits for investors that are essential to be assessed for investors willing to make insightful decisions. Let’s check the main ones out:

  • Compared to other crypto funds, ETH ETFs may judiciously involve lower fees if we were to look at the ProShares ETH Strategy ETF levying 0.95% per year or the Grayscale ETH Trust drawing a 2.5% annual fee.
  • Spot ETH ETFs can partake in retirement accounts, mutual funds, and various other exchange-traded funds to provide more portfolio exposure to investors looking to diversify their assets
  • Liquidity may grow as the capital will be traded on massive exchanges, permitting investors to buy and drop securities easier and cheaper without impacting bottom markets.
  • ETH-tracking ETFs look at market conditions to accurately assess the asset’s price fluctuations.

Evidently, for the spot ETH ETF will bring unparalleled opportunities to investors, it’s crystal clear that a SEC approval of the funds will usher in a new area for the asset.

One Last Chance to Get your ETH?

Crypto analysts, one with larger followings than others, are some of the entities garnering the most attention these days for their skill and knowledge in the closely monitored sector. A famous yet anonymous analyst known under the name of Rager told his following of nearly 2K accounts on platform X that Ethereum and Bitcoin are momentarily sold at an unmissable price, potentially the best that could make sense to have aspiring investors drawn in.

More interestingly, the analyst suggested they keep some savings aside in case a last pullback is on the horizon. According to them, the two primordial cryptocurrencies could witness a resurgence around the 4th month of the year, when the Bitcoin mining reward will be cut in half. For the upcoming milestone in Bitcoin history is known to bring about rewarding bull cycles, the crypto buff boasting a large following for their expertise indicated that a future investment around the halving date would make sense – at least, for them.

According to the author, the event doesn’t only decrease inflation by slashing the number of fresh bitcoins developed but can also signify hefty ROIs when approached strategically and insightfully.

As stated above, seeking out pertinent crypto analysts’ statements on current events is a safe way to make sense of the crypto market. So, how are you going to approach Ethereum over this critical period?