Meta: Master the art of playing Pokemon GO using the MocPOGO location spoofer. Learn how to spoof on Android and iOS and the benefits that come with it.


Do you enjoy Pokemon GO and want to gain progress quickly and easily? Well, there is a secret trick to mastering the game without the need to move from point A to point B. An iOS Pokemon GO spoofer app like MocPOGO is your solution. It also works on Android to virtually teleport and simulate movement to catch and train Pokemon characters hassle-free. Let’s get started.

What is the MocPOGO Location Spoofer for Pokemon GO?

MocPOGO is a pro-level software program that helps to change GPS location for location-based apps and AR games like Pokemon GO. It is a feature-rich tool that allows movement simulation, offers a GPS joystick for 360-degree maneuvers, and supports up to 15 devices.

To play POGO from virtually any location globally, MocPOGO provides the game with false GPS coordinates of your selected location. Your avatar can then teleport and walk vast distances on the map since the game’s geographical barriers are eliminated. This allows trainers to easily catch Pokemon exclusive to specific regions, participate in distant raids or events, and even hatch eggs at an accelerated pace.

However, responsible spoofing in Pokemon GO is highly recommended to avoid getting flagged or suspended. Pokemon GO developers have rules that prevent trainers from taking action too quickly at different places. Therefore, use the cooldown timer to alert you during waiting times so you avoid Niantic detection. You should also practice realistic movements and avoid sudden jumps from one continent to another.

How to Spoof Pokemon GO with MocPOGO on Android and iOS

MocPOGO lets you change location on Android brands with Android OS versions 8 to 14 and all iPhones running iOS 13 to 17. Below is a breakdown of the steps:

How MocPOGO Works on Android to Spoof Pokemon GO

Step 1: First, install the Android app on your phone from the Google Play Store. Then, open the APK and search for the location coordinates or name using the MocPOGO’s map search bar.

Step 2: A drop-down list will display options related to your search query. Scroll down and select the preferred location to which you want to spoof your GPS reading. Click “Teleport” to proceed. If you click “Two points”, you can pick points A and B for your character’s movement and set the preferred walking speed.  


Step 3: Your Android device’s location should now be changed to the new one in seconds, and you can play Pokemon GO.

How MocPOGO Works on iOS to Spoof Pokemon GO

Step 1: Get the iOS app from the MocPOGO official website and install it on your iPhone to get started.  

Step 2: In the top-screen search bar, enter the location you want to spoof and click “Teleport” or “Walk.” The choice depends on whether you want to change location only or simulate movement.  

Step 3: Your iPhone’s GPS location now detects the selected location on the map. That allows you to play Pokemon GO from a virtual location.

How Does Spoofing with MocPOGO Help to Master Pokemon GO?

With MocPOGO’s GPS-changing potential, Pokemon GO players unlock multiple possibilities, including the following to help you master the game quickly:


  • Teleport Anywhere Globally as You Like

MocPOGO’s Teleport feature can instantly change your GPS location to any specific place on Earth with one click. That way, you don’t have to worry about movement restrictions when you want to catch more Pokemon.

  • Mimic Realistic Walking Movements  

You can simulate GPS movement with MocPOGO to appear as if you are walking outside on the streets. A GPS joystick is also available to enhance Pokemon GO gameplay by allowing easy navigation and free movement within the game.

  • Customize Your Avatar’s Walking Speeds

MocPOGO offers a speed customization tool with preset modes for walking, riding, driving, and speed variables. This allows you to flexibly control your avatar’s walking speeds by dragging the slider from 3.6km/h upwards.

  • Adhere to Pokemon GO Timer Rules

With MocPOGO, you get a display timer that tracks your gaming actions and keeps you within the game’s cooldown restrictions. This allows you to play worry-free by eliminating the risk of detection and account ban.  

  • Collecting Spots and Saving Your Favorite Routes

MocPOGO automatically saves your planned routes and favorite spots in your historical records so you can access them anytime. You can also bookmark your most visited spots or new routes to avoid forgetting them.

  • Ease of Use without Complex Procedures

You can use MocPOGO 100% safely. The app is free to download and has no malware. Also, it doesn’t require you to perform complex procedures like jailbreaking iOS or rooting Android since it can damage your smartphone.


Generally, this article has shown that it is possible to revolutionize your Pokemon GO gaming experience with MocPOGO. It offers a path to catching rare Pokémon and participating in global events in the game. However, you should use the location spoofing carefully and wisely so as to play within the game rules. So, what are you waiting for? Get MocPOGO for Android or iOS now and explore Pokemon GO beyond your locality!


Does MocPOGO offer a free trial to try Pokemon GO features before upgrading to pro?

Yes, MocPOGO offers a free trial period that Pokemon GO trainers can use to experience some of its features before committing. However, you can only use each feature three times, but to take full advantage, you must upgrade. Thankfully, MocPOGO’s prices are pocket-friendly, and users even get a 30-day money-back guarantee with lifetime free updates. You can also cancel your subscription if you no longer need it. Check it out today!  

Is it possible to virtually simulate movement hands-free in Pokemon GO?

Yes. MocPOGO makes walking simulation easy using its two-spot mode. This allows you to plan your avatar’s virtual walking route by selecting your starting point and ending point.


Your gaming avatar will then automatically walk the chosen route on the map without you having to touch the phone’s screen.  

How do I revert to my real GPS location after playing Pokemon GO?

Restoring your GPS location after you have changed it to play Pokemon GO is simple. You only need to reboot your iOS or Android device. After restarting, your phone GPS should restore to your real coordinates and back to normal.

Does MocPOGO drain a phone’s battery or impact its lifespan?

MocPOGO itself isn’t a battery hogger, but since it is a location-based app, you must have the phone’s GPS location turned on throughout your use of the fake location. Continuous usage of GPS, Wi-Fi, and data contributes to fast battery drain. However, you can minimize battery drain and prolong its lifespan by turning off GPS and Wi-Fi whenever you aren’t using the MocPOGO app to spoof location.