In the last decade, cryptocurrency has transitioned from being something rather fringe to a revolutionary force in the finance world. Not only does it offer potential high returns, but it can offer them overnight. However, remember, as with all investments, with high potential also comes high risk. Whether you’ve just started investing in crypto or you’ve already dipped your feet in, having some of the best tips on hand will help you navigate the cryptocurrency world period to help you make better-informed decisions when investing; here are five essential tips for you to know.

Know What You’re Purchasing

Whether you’re purchasing a transformer or a new pair of shoes, you need to know what you’re purchasing if you hope to get the most out of what you pay. After all, if you simply throw your money at something without understanding what it is, that is not a wise way to handle your money. In other words, research the purpose of what is behind the kind of cryptocurrency you’re buying. How is it used, what’s its market position, and who is the team behind it?


Understanding these types of aspects will help you assess whether it’s a viable long term investment and has the potential to grow.

Start Small

With so many success stories of a small investment in crypto turning into an overnight explosion, many people may be in a rush to throw all their eggs in one basket. However, before you put all of your money into Bitcoin, you should slow down and consider what you’re doing. Crypto markets are notoriously risky, and price swings of over 10% or more in one single day are not rare.

With such a dangerous investment, you want to make sure that you start small. Because investing all of your money in such a volatile place could be catastrophic, so only invest what you can afford, and diversify!  A mix of established cryptocurrencies will help balance the risks with the potential rewards.

Understand The Taxes

Remember, there are tax implications when it comes to cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrencies are subject to different types of tax regulations depending on where you live.


In some countries, any profits you make from crypto are taxable. This is why you need to keep detailed records of all of your transactions, from the dates to the amounts you invested and sold them for to the type of currency; this is critical when tax reporting.

Ideally, you should work with a tax professional who has a deep understanding of cryptocurrency and can ensure you stay in compliance with all tax laws. This will ensure you don’t get hit with the tax surprise at the end of the year when you least expect it.