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Apex is one of the most famous and dynamic projects in the battle royale genre, which takes the player to a large battle arena, where they will have to fight for survival against hundreds of opponents, and the winner will receive the most points for boosting in Apex Legends.

If you constantly win or take places close to first, then your rank will progress in rank and come up against stronger players, and if your success is insignificant, then the system will select easier difficulty levels for you until you get the hang of it.

Warm-Up Phase

All players will have a few minutes to fully load on the server, and players who have done this before thanks to powerful PCs can simply relax, or spend this time warming up to get a feel for the character and shooting mechanics. When the time is up, all participants in the match will be transferred to the plane, and it will head to the game map.

Disembarkation Stage

The plane changes course every time and flies over the map along a different trajectory, so you need to think about your landing point in advance, analyzing the path and choices of other players. When you press the landing button, you will begin descending by parachute and will be able to adjust the landing speed and slightly adjust the direction of movement.

You can choose a large city – where there are a lot of weapons, but also a lot of competition and chances of dying.

You can choose several houses – the safest option, where if there are enemies, it will be in very small numbers, but still watch out for the landing of enemies.

You can choose houses on the edge of the map – there will almost never be enemies there, but there are not enough weapons there, and running from there to the playing area when it is drawn will take a long time and is unsafe.

Landing and First Gathering Phase

When you first touch the ground, you will quickly discover that there is nothing in your hands to fight, and this needs to be corrected urgently. Players who bypass the very first at the beginning of the match have worse statistics and rank boosting in Apex than everyone else.

You need to look for cases – they will contain random equipment of random quality. Later it is better to look for an assault weapon, but for starters, any pistol and even a shotgun will do.

Your main goal at this stage is to collect as many weapons, armor, grenades, and medicines as possible, as well as resources like wood, metal, and stone before the playing area narrows and just wait for this to happen.

Game Map Reduction Stage

This is a logical step in the continuation of the match – the playing area begins to shrink in order to force enemies not to sit in cover but to move to new boundaries and destroy each other, bringing one of them closer to victory and increasing their rank in Apex Legends.

The first time, it will not be so significant; the game will simply indicate the general vector of the future reduction of the map, which you need to monitor no less than your opponents – if you find yourself outside of it, then you will simply die from loss of health.



Periodically, the game system will warn you about the danger of storms. This is a cataclysm that occurs in random parts of the map, and you need to stay away from them so as not to die.


From time to time, drop cases with random and valuable weapons will be dropped on the ground at a random point on the map, and all players will be warned about this and will be able to come for their trophies. Beginners should not react to this because the reward will not radically change your gameplay, but the risk of dying and completing your boost rank in Apex Legends will be quite large.

Second Cut Of The Game Map

The second time, the map will be halved and become even smaller for safe battles – the match is gradually moving towards its finale and players must constantly prove their right to take this particular place in the current match.

The Third And Final Cut Of The Game Map

Gradually, the match will lead players to a small arena, where several surviving players in a fair or not very fair battle will decide who will be the last survivor and will receive the status of top 1 player in this match and a rank boost in Apex Legends.

Agent System

Every time before you start your match, you will choose your unique agent, whose skills you will use in addition to small arms.

Each of them has its own story and motives. Their mechanics will differ in their complexity and relevance – let’s look at the most understandable and convenient agents for beginners.


This is a hero who masterfully controls drones and can use them to observe the surroundings, restore the health of himself and his allies, and raise disabled heroes who have not yet died.


An active and robotic hero who can use steroids to speed up his movement, he easily climbs to high places using a trampoline and constantly regenerates his health until he receives damage from opponents.


This is a secretive hero who can disappear from the sight of enemies, but during this time he loses the ability to such goals. Places portals that connect two game points on the map.



This is a hero of disguise and deception, who easily creates doubles of his hero, and his enemies also need to understand where the real one is.


A combat master, he uses smoke grenades to attack and retreat, can activate movement acceleration, and calls in an artillery strike on a selected point.


A defensive hero who activates a shield every time he takes aim and can use fire protection for himself and allies who are within the radius of this dome. You will also be able to direct artillery to the target.


Hero, Pathfinder, and Scout. They can easily observe from high places and determine the movement of opponents by their tracks, even if they use camouflage or invisibility.


You will find different types of weapons but try to look for mythic and legendary ones that are considered the best in such games.


Always try to look for armor and a helmet and carry first aid kits and armor modules with you – you will rarely have the opportunity to leave the battle without damage, and medicine and armor will help you return to battle faster.

Conclusions On The Main Points That Newcomers To Apex Legends Need To Know

Apex is a fast-paced battle royale shooter that uses agent and short map mechanics with playable combat that quickly determines the winner and the player who will receive a boost rank in Apex Legends.

You need to choose your agent from an extensive list, where each hero will have his own unique skills that will complement your shooting capabilities.

Warm up and prepare for a combat mission. On an airplane, think about your landing point based on the plane’s flight path. Keep an eye on your opponents, and do not land in places where there are a lot of players, especially in cities – chaos always reigns there, and you can easily die from a random bullet.

You shouldn’t land on the edge of the map either – there are not always good weapons there, and the lack of competitors is replaced by the need to move far before the thunder zone shrinks, and if you don’t have time, you’ll lose your health and die.

Choose safer points with a lot of houses that will have everything you need to start. Look for weapons of legendary or epochal quality, but only after you have at least something in your hands that can give a fight.

Keep an eye on the playing area, which will be reduced in several stages until it leaves players with a small arena, where it will be decided who will receive the status of top 1 player and rank boost in Apex Legends.

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