Are you wondering why you’re stuck in Silver or Gold rank in League of Legends?

It’s not about your mechanical skills or quick reflexes; there’s a lot more to it. Keep reading, and let’s get you on the path to raising your rank.

Perfect Your Champion Selection

Understand your strengths and weaknesses and align them with a champion that can maximize your potential. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different champions in unranked games. You’ll never know if a champion suits you unless you give them a try.

Always track your lol player stats and stay updated with the current meta, as it changes often.

A champion that’s overpowered today might not be tomorrow.

Master Map Awareness

Map awareness is about using the information available to you to make strategic decisions that could turn the tide of the game.

Being aware of your opponent’s positions, noting where they’re likely to be, and predicting their movements can give you a significant edge. Noticing an enemy missing from their lane might mean they’re planning a gank, so alert your teammates.

If you see a large minion wave pushing on a side lane, you can use it to your advantage.

Develop Effective Warding Strategies

Proper warding provides valuable intel about your enemies’ whereabouts and their potential movements.


Good warding can save you from ganks, allow you to secure objectives, and even turn the tide of a team fight. You must be strategic, always considering where the enemy might be and where they might go.

Improve Farming and Trading

Farming, or last-hitting minions, provides gold to buy powerful items. Trading involves exchanging damage with your opponent while minimizing what you take.

Here are four key tips to improve:

  1. Practice last-hitting. Spend time in practice mode, focusing on last-hitting minions. Every piece of gold counts.
  2. Understand wave management. Learning when to push, freeze, or slow push a minion wave can give you a significant advantage.
  3. Trade wisely. Don’t just exchange damage aimlessly. Keep an eye on your minion wave and the enemy’s cooldowns before you engage.
  4. Use the training tool. League of Legends offers a training tool to practice farming and trading. Make the most of it.

Effectively Communicate With Teammates

Don’t just tell your team what you’re doing – ask what they’re doing, too.

Always be respectful and constructive in your feedback.


Toxic comments can destroy morale and lead to defeat. Remember, you’re playing with real people who are trying their best.

Also, use your pings wisely. They’re a quick way to convey vital information.

Learn From Professional Gameplay

Watching pros can help you understand the dynamics of the game better and learn new strategies. Here are four key areas to focus on when studying professional gameplay:

  1. Laning Phase – Observe how they last hit, control minion waves, and interact with the enemy laner.
  2. Map Awareness – Notice their map movements, vision control, and how they respond to enemy actions.
  3. Team Fights – Pay attention to their positioning, skill usage, and target selection.
  4. Decision Making – Watch how they choose to take objectives, engage or disengage in fights, and control the tempo of the game.

With these skills under your belt, you’re set to navigate the ranked ladder with confidence.