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Technology is the main driver of all major changes in the world, including the way people experience entertainment and access games. Video games have allowed people to fill their free time but also to improve their imagination and various skills through many games that include the uncertainty of the outcome and respect for the rules, games that take place in virtual time, and contain elements of fiction and chance. It all started with simple games like throwing dice, playing cards, tic-tac-toe, or submarines, which, thanks to the progress of technology, today look funny and boring compared to everything offered on the gaming market. Therefore, in this text, we will explore the latest technological gaming trends, which are currently helping the iGaming industry to break all records and continue to surprise fans of this activity again and again.

What is iGaming?

The branch of the gaming industry, known as iGaming, is an industry that has experienced a peak of popularity in the last decade, surviving as one of the most stable and profitable industries despite all the obstacles it faces. iGaming is a derivative of “interactive gaming,” also known as online gaming, which includes online betting on various events. Although many will at first associate this betting with sports events, iGaming is not limited only to sports betting but also to presidential elections and races for prestigious awards such as the Oscar award and similar, and the options are almost endless. In addition to betting, iGaming also includes online games of chance, which are available in online casinos as well as esports.


The reason for the increased popularity of iGaming is precisely the increasing availability of mobile Internet, which allows players to bet on their favorite teams or use casino bonuses any time, regardless of where they are. The adaptation of iGaming games for smart devices is only the beginning of technological trends that drive iGaming Evolution.

Technological Trends

Mobile Gaming – Any time, any place, entertainment

Advances in mobile technology are certainly the biggest driver of the increasing popularity of iGaming as it has allowed players to play regardless of where they are, as long as they have access to the Internet. Smartphones are becoming more powerful each day, almost like computers, which allows game creators to create high-quality mobile games taking the player experience to another level.

Artificial intelligence and personalized experience

Speaking of improved gaming experience, it is important to mention the main link that changed this aspect of online gaming forever: artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence is a technology that gives iGaming companies the space to learn about their users and, based on that, provide them with personalized experiences adapted to individual wishes. With the help of AI technology, game creators have constant insight into the behavior of their users, such as when they access the games, which games and topics they are interested in, whether they use casino bonuses. Based on this, they adjust the gameplay elements.

In addition, the integration of AI technology in iGaming has additionally developed user support, so virtual assistants working on AI power provide 24-hour support to players, offering them answers to a wide variety of questions, as well as strategies and help in playing, thus making the whole gaming experience much more pleasant.

VR and AR

Although they are still not fully developed, these two technologies are certainly one of the hottest trends in the world of iGaming. Even with the current range, these two technologies have the power to bring players into the virtual world through almost complete immersion, increasing the excitement during gameplay. VR headsets use a series of sensors that monitor the user’s movements and create based on this information appropriate images of virtual casinos, creating an illusion in which players can participate in a new environment, for example, a virtual game of poker. On the other hand, artificial intelligence “overlaps” with the real world through virtual elements and does not require any headset. It is enough just to start the game, and the mirrored world will be shown over the “real” one, just like it was the case with PokemonGo.

Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies

Although they seem insignificant compared to VR and AR technology, blockchain technology is one of the biggest contributors to the popularity of iGaming because it solves two key problems: the safety of players and the transparency of transactions.


Therefore, iGaming companies are increasingly integrating this technology into their operations, to provide their players with a completely safe gaming experience, reducing the risk of cyber fraud. On the other hand, the integration of cryptocurrencies improves the payment experience, making payment easier, faster, and more profitable. Payment through cryptocurrencies does not require intermediaries, thus improving the overall experience on online gaming platforms.


Finally, we can say that iGaming has been the target of all technology lovers for a few years now, and they are tirelessly waiting to see how new technologies will find their application in this industry. Fortunately, the leaders of this industry know that their future depends precisely on new technologies, so they surprise us every day with their adaptations to their businesses. We are currently witnessing the integration of technologies such as AI, VR, AR, and blockchain, which have forever changed the way we perceive iGaming, offering us a more immersive, personalized, and safer gaming experience. Therefore, we cannot wait to see what tomorrow brings.