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The rate of bicycle accidents is very low when compared to other types of traffic accidents. When an accident does occur, the victim involved is entitled to compensation that will cover all the losses they have incurred.

Filing a bicycle accident claim can be difficult if one is going about it on their own. Therefore, the victim would need the help of bicycle accident attorneys who are experts in such matters.

Also, there are certain points one needs to note before filing an accident claim as a cyclist. Some of those points are as follows:

· Things that could lead to cycling accidents

· What to do after being involved in a bicycle accident

· How to make a bicycle accident claim

· The types of damages a cyclist can claim compensation for

As a cyclist, the above points should be taken into consideration in case one gets involved in a bicycle accident. Once one is aware of this, filing a claim and seeking compensation will be easy with the help of a professional attorney.

Things That Can Cause Bicycle Accidents

Accidents can be caused either by the carelessness of the cyclist or, most times, by the motorist. Some of these accidents are

· Colliding or falling when you’re trying to dodge a driver who is obstructing the way.

· An overspeeding vehicle that passes you closely, leading to your fall.

· Falling from your bicycle as a result of a bad or unmaintained road.

· When a car door is opened into the path you are riding.

If you’ve ever been in any of the accidents mentioned above, you are entitled to compensation. But note that assessing how much the actions of the other party influenced the accident and who’s at fault determines whether the claim will be considered valid.

What to Do After Being Involved in a Bicycle Accident

When a cycling accident occurs with a vehicle, you need to obtain certain details about the driver. If you are unable to do that as a result of how seriously the accident may have affected you, you could seek the help of somebody to obtain that information for you, as that information serves as evidence.


Furthermore, you could take the following steps, as they could prove useful when filing a claim:

· Have a helmet-cam clip of the incident.

· Take pictures of the injuries with your mobile phone.

· Report it to the police.

· Get a thorough medical assessment, although you may not feel the need to visit the hospital. Some seemingly insignificant injuries, if ignored, may get worse over time.

· Ensure that all injuries, including pain, bruises, or inflammation, are covered in the medical assessment carried out. Make sure that all injuries are properly documented for your bicycle accident claim.

How to Make a Bicycle Accident Claim

When you want to file a bicycle accident claim, you need to gather vital information that covers any injuries, income loss, or treatment expenses that you incurred during or as a result of the accident. Ensure that you provide enough evidence to justify the amount of compensation you are seeking from the at-fault party.


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The compensation can help you reduce the financial expenses associated with treatment, injuries, rehabilitation, and permanent changes to your quality of life due to the accident. This can only be done right with the help of an attorney who specializes in bicycle accident claims.

Final Thoughts

After a bicycle accident, the best thing you can do is to hire a lawyer. Without the help of a professional, securing fair compensation for your losses is next to impossible. A bicycle accident attorney can investigate your case, determine your losses, and secure fair compensation for your losses.