Content creation is a way many people have found to make money. Many people move over to sites like OnlyFans for their content to earn more income than on some other platforms. If you are an adult content creator or are interested in being paid to create your content for a site, why not look at the new Waptap?

What Is WapTap?

Waptap is a new short content app similar to TikTok; however, unlike TikTok Waptap allows adult content. Waptap has been around since May 2022; however, it is now growing its content creators and bringing more features on board.

Waptap allows everyone who wants to make money, whether from viewers leaving tips of their $WAP Token, which will allow content creators to be added to prize draws to make more money.

Waptap also allows for more communication between content creators and viewers, allowing viewers to direct messages and tip content creators that they like. The option to tip creators is not a feature you will find on many other paid platforms.

If you are a content creator who wants to hear from fans or viewers and communicate with them privately, this would be an ideal feature for you and a reason to consider joining this new platform.

Is It Worth It?

Waptap is a good option for anyone happy to make adult content; this does not have to be porn; it can be anything you want it to be, solo or with someone else. It allows you to create whatever content you want or think your viewers like and earn an income from posting.

Not only can you earn an income from posting your content, but your viewers or fans can also choose to tip you for a video they enjoy, as well as many other features.


With the introduction of the $WAP Token, content creators can earn a little extra by being added to prize draws depending on several different factors. They include, best daily content, fan tips on content, in DM, and many others and giving you more ways to make money.

Not a Creator?

Regardless of whether you want to make content or just want to enjoy the short-form content available, you will find a world of entertainment that you can enjoy.

You do not have to create content to join Waptap, however, you do need to prove you are over the age of 18 before you can join the site. The age restriction is due to the adult and in some cases pornographic content.


You can enjoy some free content, you can also communicate with and tip your favorite creators if you feel inclined. Unlike other sites, you will not have to pay to view content, but you are given the option if you want to and can.


If you are a content creator who wants to create whatever content you want while having the ability to be paid for it, or if you are a viewer who wants to be able to access free adult content, why not look at Waptap?

Join a growing app with short-form content and see what you can find. Maybe be daring and give it a try yourself.