The Payeer payment system has existed since 2012 and is quite popular today. Using funds stored in her wallets, you can transfer to other users, pay for goods and services online, and perform other actions.

After reading the information presented on the link, you will learn more about the exchange Payeer to Tether BEP20 (USDT), the features of using the system’s functionality, and other points.

But, despite the breadth of opportunities the platform offers users, its currency still cannot be called a universal means of payment. There have yet to be tools that are more functional than fiat money. Therefore, if you want to fully use your savings, transfer them to Tether BEP20 (USDT). This way, you will be able to expand your own capabilities significantly. Let’s figure out how to make a profitable translation further.

Transfer directly from Payeer wallet.

Many may assume that withdrawing from a Payeer E-Wallet through the payment system is more convenient and profitable. But only some things are as complex as they seem. If we talk directly about withdrawals to USDT, the system does not directly offer to perform such an operation, as well as a transfer to a card of any other bank, although similar transactions were carried out previously.

Today, the only option is to transfer assets using an additional service, such as EPS. You can withdraw Tether BEP20 (USDT) to the wallet of this system and then transfer it to a bank card. However, this option is completely unjustified because it involves high additional costs.


As you can see, financial losses during such an operation will be quite high, so looking for a more profitable alternative solution makes sense. I'm glad that it exists. And we are talking about concluding a transaction with an electronic exchanger.

Why is it convenient to work with exchangers?

If you decide to conduct a transaction through one of the exchange services, you will definitely notice several important advantages. They will be like this:

  • Low commissions. They are significantly lower than when transferring rubles directly through Payeer;
  • Large currency reserves. This suggests that you can carry out even a fairly large transaction;
  • Prompt exchange. Through the exchanger, you will complete the transfer you are interested in much faster than if you try to transfer funds using another method.

If you are concerned about translation security, then there are no problems here either. To eliminate the possibility of cooperation with scammers, you need to select offers not independently through a search engine but on a special portal, for example,, which carefully monitors the best Exchanges and selects only reliable services, checks the transparency of their activities.


You can work with any of these platforms without fear of becoming a victim of scammers. And when there is no doubt about the security of the exchange, you can begin to select the conditions.

How to successfully transfer assets

You already know where to look for reliable e-money exchange services; you understand that with such services, the exchange, or the transfer from Payeer to Tether BEP20 (USDT), will be as safe and profitable as possible. Now, all that remains is to decide on the most suitable conditions. To do this, compare offers according to the following parameters:

  • Exchange rate – often a commission is already included in it;
  • USDT reserve – it should be enough to get the amount you need;
  • Restrictions on the minimum and maximum transaction size – should allow you to exchange assets and do it at one time;
  • Additional commission – some exchangers charge this.

Having decided on the best offer, go to the exchange service website, fill out, confirm, and pay for the application. You will soon receive the equivalent in cryptocurrency.