Firstly, online slot machines much like the real ones are purely based on luck. However, there are proven strategies that can help bet more smartly and also help you turn a profit in the longer run. In this article, we’ll not only look at some popular strategies, but we’ll also look at how online crypto slot machines work, so that you can get to know the technology behind it better.

Random Number Generation (RNG)

Just to clear the record, operators have zero control over the slot machines you see at online crypto casinos. All slot games are controlled by an RNG algorithm that picks a random number as soon as you hit “Spin” on the machine. Additionally, try to find licensed crypto casinos, as they are governed by strict rules and regulations, and as such, you can play without any fears.

Return to Player (RTP)

RTP is a measurement of how much of a player’s bet is returned to the player in the form of winnings. The ratio of difference between what the operators earn and players get back in return is the house edge.


You can find slot games that have RTP as high as 96% and more, and these are often generous with their payouts. A quick search on Google about your favorite crypto casino slot game will give you an idea about its RTP.

Slot Game Bonuses

Unlike traditional slot machines, online slot games also give back your bonuses in terms of free spins, multipliers, and bonus money, in addition to winnings on your bets. Every slot game has a different rule in terms of how these bonuses are paid out, so be sure to go through the guide for each game so that you understand better what is on offer.

Bet Big

Now, before you get the wrong idea, wager only what you can afford to lose at online crypto casinos. The only reason why wagering the maximum betting amount is a strategy is because certain slot games let you access the jackpot by doing so. As such, with max betting, you can slightly increase your odds of securing the highest payout ever.

Understand the Odds

It’s easy to calculate what your odds are in a particular slot game and all you need is a calculator. What you need is to divide the number of possible winning combinations on the slot game by the number of total combinations.


You’ll be able to find all this information on the individual casino slot game page.

Track Your Progress

You might be on an amazing winning streak, but the tides can turn pretty quickly when it comes to gambling. Be sure to have a budget and also every bet you make. Most crypto casinos have a stop-loss feature, so be sure to take advantage of it so that you stay within your limits.

Slot Categories

The slot games you’d find at online crypto casinos are of two types – Progressive Slots and Multiple Payline Slots. Progressive slots are the ones in which the amount that can be won increases every time you wager. Multiple payline slots offer you more in terms of the winning combinations so that you have a greater chance of winning.

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