Cryptocurrency has changed the game. I didn’t see it as an alternative form of payment. Initially skeptical about Bitcoin, but it has grown on me.

Then, I learned about the other cryptos that have made their presence known. One of them that caught my eye was USDT, better known as Tether. Based on what I’ve observed, online casinos are accepting it as a form of payment.

If you have USDT you want to use, I have five pieces of advice for you. This applies if you are planning on using it for online casinos. Ready to get started? Let’s go over the list.

Choosing the right USDT casino

Of course, the first step is choosing one of the many USDT casinos available. AskGamblers has a reliable list, as you may have noticed. They’re all legit and they organize things nice and neat.

So you can easily find an online casino that fits your needs and preferences. If you’re looking for one that accepts USDT, you’ll find one. Is there an online casino that accepts US citizens? You’ll find it there.

This first piece of advice is so important that skipping it would be pointless. Now, let’s take a look at the other tips I want to share with you.

Gamble responsibly

This seems obvious, but it bears repeating. Even as a friendly reminder, you should gamble responsibly. Have fun and accept the fact that you win some and lose some.

That’s why you should place limits on yourself. This includes the money you deposit, how much you wager, and so on. In case you are on a winning streak, quit while you’re ahead. By this, I mean take a break and resist the temptation to “let it ride.”


I have seen many players press their luck and lose much of their winnings. Yes, the thrill of winning feels great, but don’t get caught up in the wave. That sounds simple enough.

Take security seriously

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention how serious security should be for you. Protect your data at all times, and don’t give out any financial information to anyone else.

Also, keep guard of your username and passwords. There will be social features with most online casinos. Some things are better said.

Your personal information is one of them. If there are additional security layers like 2FA, use them to your advantage. Trust me, I have dealt with situations related to unauthorized logins.

Thankfully, they didn’t pertain to online casinos. I even have 2FA for my crypto account and digital wallets because there’s no such thing as having too much when protecting yourself.

Remember that prices fluctuate.

We both know that crypto prices change every day, including USDT. So, of course, you will notice changes in your balance. The price changes can also affect your potential winning and losing chances.

It can be exciting and a bit scary at the same time. As long as the changes aren’t too dramatic, there is nothing to worry about. However, I would stay abreast of how USDT and your favorite coins perform.

Even though the price is at $1, USDT still moves like any other crypto. So, you may notice small changes rather than huge swings in either direction. Convert any extra crypto to USDT if you can. If you want to get started as soon as possible, convert extra crypto into USDT.

Of course, it’s as simple as making it happen through your exchange of choice. Before you do that, find out the minimum deposit for the online casino. Once you know what it is, you can convert the appropriate amount.


After that, you’re ready to play. The conversion may take seconds, depending on the exchange you’re using. However, I’d also be mindful of how long it will take for the deposit to clear your casino account. Something to keep in mind as you’re starting.

Some parting words

I have some final thoughts before I let you go and have fun. First off, I hope this guide has been helpful for you. The crypto world has paved the way for exciting opportunities.

Crypto has made great strides in becoming an accepted form of payment online. E-commerce stores and online casinos have noticed. I am willing to bet that crypto is here to stay.

This applies to the online casino space as well. So, I encourage you to follow my advice. Remember to have fun, be responsible, and enjoy playing your favourite games. Thanks for reading, and best of luck to you.