Online slots UK games based on movies and TV shows bring the magic of beloved characters and storylines to gambling. They offer players a chance to interact with their favorite films and series in a thrilling and immersive way. Here are 10 of the most exciting online slot games based on movies and TV shows

Jurassic Park

The “Jurassic Park” slot game takes players to the iconic dinosaur-filled island. With stunning graphics and thrilling features, players can encounter realistic dinosaurs while enjoying free spins and bonus rounds.

Game of Thrones

Based on the hit HBO series, the “Game of Thrones” slot game offers players the chance to choose between four houses as they spin the reels. The game features iconic characters, breathtaking visuals, and multiple bonus features that reflect the intense world of Westeros.

The Dark Knight

“The Dark Knight” slot game brings the epic battle between Batman and his arch-nemesis, The Joker, to life. With cinematic clips, an immersive soundtrack, and progressive jackpots, players can join the Caped Crusader in his quest for justice.

The Walking Dead

Fans of the popular zombie TV series can step into the post-apocalyptic world with “The Walking Dead” slot game. This game features iconic characters, intense animations, and exciting bonus features, including a wheel spin bonus that can lead to big wins.



With the “Ghostbusters” slot game, players can join the paranormal investigation team in their mission to catch ghosts. Featuring memorable characters and symbols from the original movie, this game offers various bonus rounds and the chance to win progressive jackpots.


Inspired by the classic movie, the “Jumanji” slot game transports players into a thrilling jungle adventure. With its unique board game feature, players can roll the dice and unlock free spins, wild reels, and additional bonuses for an exciting gaming experience.

Terminator 2

Based on the blockbuster film, the “Terminator 2” slot game allows players to join Sarah Connor and the T-800 in their battle against the machines. The game features iconic scenes, high-quality graphics, and innovative features, including a free spin round with an expanded reel set.

The Wizard of Oz

“The Wizard of Oz” slot game brings the magic of the beloved movie to the reels. Players can follow the yellow brick road and encounter iconic characters like Dorothy, Scarecrow, and the Wicked Witch. The game offers multiple bonus features, including free spins and pick-and-win games.



Based on the popular TV series, the “Vikings” slot game takes players on a Nordic adventure. With its atmospheric visuals and intense soundtrack, players can join Ragnar Lothbrok and his fellow warriors in epic battles while enjoying various bonus features and expanding wilds.


The “Bridesmaids” slot game captures the humor and charm of the hit comedy film. Players can join the bridal party and enjoy fun-filled bonus rounds, such as the Wheel Bonus and the Friendship Free Spins, featuring the hilarious characters from the movie.

These online slot games based on movies and TV shows offer fans a chance to revisit their favorite stories while enjoying the excitement of gambling. With engaging features, stunning visuals, and immersive gameplay, they provide an unforgettable gaming experience for players of all tastes.