Trade automation is the process of using software to automate your trading, enabling you to set up an algorithm that will automatically execute your trades, freeing you up to focus on other aspects of your trading. This type of software can be used on a variety of exchanges, including cryptocurrencies and Forex, as well as stocks, bonds, and indices. To get started, you’ll need to develop, purchase, or modify a strategy on TradingView, then apply it to your chosen ticker.

Once you’ve done this, the software will then monitor your selected market, executing buy or sell orders when conditions are met. This will be based on the parameters defined in your strategy, which can include indicators, studies, and other rules. You can also use this software to backtest your trading strategies, as well as create and customize alerts.

Tradingview is a world-renowned online platform that provides detailed analyses of individual and company trading on global markets for oil, cryptocurrencies, gold, etc. It enables users to make informed investment decisions and is available to all traders, from beginners to advanced investors. The software’s main aim is to make trading simpler for its users, presenting a wealth of information about trading activity in the form of up-to-the-minute statistical charts.


Traders can choose from the many pre-built strategies and indicators available in TradingView’s public library, as well as create their own custom ones by writing code in Pine script. Pine is a specialized programming language that was created by TradingView to help its users create and backtest trading strategies and build custom indicators. The language is similar to Python and is relatively easy to learn.

Once the strategy has been programmed in Pine, it can be run on Tradingview by clicking on the icon of the script, or a new option will be available on the chart menu called “Instant execution.” The user will then have to select the chart on which they want the strategy to work and click the “Send a message” button to open the trading window.

The user can then choose whether they want to receive an instant message, email, or web notification. The system will then take care of the rest, executing trades according to the Tradingview automated trading rules they’ve laid out.


The best part about this method is that it requires little to no coding and can be done by anyone with an internet connection. All you need is a VPS in AWS to run your API Bridge and TradingView server, which will enable you to connect your exchange and automate tradingview automated trading strategies. This will ensure that your trades are executed accurately and without interruption. In addition, a VPS will let you trade at night when the market is active so that you can maximize your profits. The service is backed by a dedicated support team to resolve any issues that may arise. You can try the service for free by signing up for a demo account.