Cryptocurrency is a new market that requires an entirely different marketing approach. Buyers in this space are extremely cautious and require a lot of education to feel confident in brands’ security measures. It’s not easy to build trust with buyers and transform them from one-time customers into brand community members, but it’s possible if you use the right techniques.

Email Marketing

Email marketing has an incredibly high conversion rate and is one of the most cost-effective crypto marketing strategies. A basic plan can cost you less than $50 per month and still give you a ton of potential buyers. Emails are a great way to promote new product launches and updates, special offers, and advantages of your coin. The best part is that you can target your audience precisely by using keywords in the subject line.

Social Media

Developing a social media presence is a must for any cryptocurrency business. It helps you reach a large but targeted audience and engage with them regularly.


It also gives you the opportunity to make your audience aware of new developments or important events in the crypto world.

If you want to take your social media strategy to the next level, consider working with a top-rated crypto marketing agency. The right agency can boost your online visibility and help you rank higher on Google. This way, your potential customers can easily find your website and start learning about your cryptocurrency.

Influencer Marketing

The power of influencers in the cryptocurrency industry cannot be emphasized enough. Influencers are trusted by millions of people and have the ability to impact their followers’ opinions and actions. It’s no wonder that some crypto companies are paying huge sums to get their products promoted by popular influencers.

Engaging these influencers can help increase brand awareness and build trust among their followers, leading to potential investors considering swissmoney as their preferred crypto exchange.

Banner Advertising

Banner ads are a powerful tool for crypto marketing as they allow you to show up in front of a very specific audience. They’re usually priced on a CPM basis, meaning you pay for every thousand impressions your ad makes. This is especially beneficial for blockchain, crypto & digital assets brands because they can be placed on websites that cater to their demographic.

Infographics & Visual Content

Infographics and other forms of visual content are highly effective in crypto marketing as they’re proven to be more memorable than text-only posts.


They can explain complex topics in a more engaging and interesting manner, making them easier for your audience to grasp. According to research, information that’s presented in a graphic form is retained by the brain for up to 6.5 times longer than the same information read in a text format. It’s important to create and share infographics on your website and social media accounts to reach a wider audience and generate engagement.