Have you ever thought of keeping a watchful eye on the public perception of your brand? All the things your audience speaks about your company can help you know your status and true standing.

However, you can access this data and insights easily, especially with geo-location restrictions on various websites and forums.

Luckily, online brand monitoring is a great way to know how people think about your brand. The same is the case with reputation management. And you can practice both these techniques using proxies.

Read more to find out how.

What is Brand Monitoring And Reputation Management?

Brand monitoring is one of the best ways to know how your audience perceives your company and its offerings. The procedure involves exploring different channels and finding out how and where people have mentioned your brand name.

This is one of the best ways to collect valuable feedback. You can also keep an eye on criticism and solve your clients’ queries online before they go out of your hands.

Reputation management or media monitoring is also quite similar to brand monitoring. The practice is about influencing the perceptions and conversations of stakeholders and the public about your brand.

This management often involves three steps. These are:

● Monitoring conversation and perceptions

● Responding to any reputation threats

● Seizing all opportunities to enhance and boost reputation

Why Should You Monitor Your Brand Anyways?

Did your last campaign fail or pass with flying colors? Do your loyal customers recommend you to their friends or ask them to buy from your competitors?

All these questions may seem straightforward, but finding their replies is tricky, especially when you don’t know what your customers and stakeholders think about you. This is where brand monitoring and reputation management come in.

You need to monitor your brand to know how your customers think about you. Their conversations on various platforms and channels can help you know where you lack and require improvement.

Additionally, real-time and constant brand monitoring helps in the management of crises. The reputational crisis needs a quick reaction that can only be possible through regular brand monitoring.

You can use the results of brand monitoring to build strong customer relationships, address the pain points of your loyal consumers, and rebuild your reputation to achieve success.

But to reap all the above benefits, you need proxies. Why? Continue reading to find out.

Why do You Need Proxies?

Have you ever heard about proxies? These tools are middlemen that sit between you and your destined website. A proxy assigns you a new IP address, so you can visit your desired website without getting blocked or banned.

Here is how a proxy works.


● When you send an access request to a website, it first reaches a proxy.

● The proxy changes your IP address with a new one to hide your identity online.

● The request with a new IP address reaches the destined website for approval.

● Once approved, the access request travels back to you via a proxy so you can visit the website without any barriers.

There is more than one type of proxy. A datacenter proxy can be shared or dedicated. This proxy assigns its IP addresses from IP pools and third-party cloud services.

Residential proxies assign IP addresses that originally belonged to real users. These proxies are expensive but are hard to detect.

Rotating proxies give you a new IP address on every request. This characteristic again makes it tough to detect your identity.

Proxies For Brand Monitoring And Reputation Management

It isn’t easy to access every other forum, channel, or platform when monitoring your brand. Certain channels have geo-location barriers, restricting access and banning certain viewers. In that case, a proxy comes in handy.

Suppose you have launched a brand in Japan, and you want to know how locals think about it. However, certain Japanese forums have geo-restrictions preventing you from accessing their content.

In that case, you can use a Japan proxy to overcome this barrier. A Japan proxy can give you an appropriate IP address to help you access all local forums conveniently.

You can scroll through consumer feedback and their comments to know about their perception of your brand. In addition, you can also look into customer complaints and reply promptly as required.

A Japan proxy can also help you access similar local websites to know what you lack. You can also dig into your competitors’ social media profiles to learn more about them and apply the good things to your brand.

Proxies are your savior when conducting brand monitoring and reputation management effortlessly.

Final Takeaways

Running a brand is tough, especially when you have too many online restrictions to handle. However, proxies can sort out all your worries, allowing you to manage your brand however you like.


The good thing is that you can get a suitable proxy as per your budget and use. Make sure to contact a reputable proxy provider for this amazing tool.