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Exotel, a leading provider for cloud-based customer engagement solutions, helps businesses offer an omnichannel and integrated customer experience. Exotel’s platform allows businesses to communicate with customers effectively via all communication modes. This includes voice, SMS and e-mail. By using Exotel’s platform, organizations can increase customer satisfaction, build better relationship with customers, reduce cost of operations and efficiently manage multiple support queries.

The key advantages of integrating Exotel’s platform into your business include:

1. Improved Customer Engagement: With the multi-channel support offered by Exotel’s platform, you can ensure that every customer query is handled efficiently promptly across phone lines, SMS messages or emails. This will enable businesses to create a positive customer experience and increase their loyalty towards the brand.

2. Enhanced Efficiency: Your teams can manage large volumes of inquiries even during peak times with Exotel’s automated processes and smart routing functions. This would help free up employees’ time which could otherwise be spent on more rewarding tasks like analysis of data or developing strategies for marketing campaigns.

3. Scalability: As your business grows you’ll need more staff resources to meet increased demand from customers but integrating with ExoteL’s platform allows you to scale up operations easily when there’s an increase in call volume so that you are never left behind due to lack of resources at peak times such as holiday seasons when there is higher outgoing communicationto customers.

4. Lower Development Cost: The cost associated with deploying the Exotel platform is significantly lower than having your custom-built solution on premise which requires additional hardware infrastructure investments apart from software development costs for new features or changes in the system itself. This makes it easier for organizations without a technical team to set up their systems quickly without sacrificing quality or functionality offered by the robust yet easy-to-use solution enabling them to focus on building relationships with prospects instead of wasting time customizing legacy systems for their needs. The better customization options provided throughExoteL also means that businesses can adjust their strategies without worrying about incurring too much expense from changing hardware infrastructure or development costs related to it while still achieving desired results.

What is Exotel?

Exotel is a full-stack customer engagement platform that helps enterprises create connected customer experiences. It recently raised $40 million in Series D funding and has become one of the top customer engagement platforms in the market.

Let’s take a closer look at Exotel and discuss the advantages of using their platform for customer engagement.

Overview of Exotel’s features and services

Exotel is a cloud-based customer engagement platform which enables businesses to engage with its customers via phone calls, SMS, and other audio and text based channels. All of these are routed through the same central platform – Exotel. It is a powerful tool business owners use to make sure that whatever communication channel their consumers need, they can access easily, quickly and efficiently.

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Exotel’s features include the ability to route inbound communications from various channels (Phone, email, app etc), right through one centralised platform allowing businesses to have better control over conversations taking place with customers; an automated data capture system which stores all caller/message related data in one centralised space; an IVR system designed to automate tasks such as outsourced customer service call delivery by functioning as virtual receptionists; an Advanced Call Centre Automation System that helps facilitate calls in an organised flow; a zero-touch support system providing real-time solutions via various devices such as web applications and mobile apps; Cloud Contact Centre Database which stores customer data and makes it easily accessible for analysis & reporting purposes. Exotel allows businesses to be hailed for its reliable & consistent customer service backed by industry-standard compliance for secure processing of customer data and interactions.

In addition to its feature set, Exotel provides services that help businesses make the best use of these features – ExoCare Implementation & Integration Services help clients tailor Exotel’s suite of products according to their business specific requirements while training assists clients on how they can customize settings & get maximum out of the product suite. Moreover, 24×7 technical support ensures service continuity even when something goes wrong with any aspect of implementation or configuration. This versatile platform also allows custom preferences including additional charges for certain custom-specific services or higher rate plans for specific products or customers requiring frequent operations on the same contact number or account bringing about added level of efficiency being offered at enhanced rates compared to those offered through normal channels.

All such benefits seamless transition into using this intelligent call handling technology makes it a feasible choice for any organization looking forward towards automating their mundane operations & improving their overall customer experience costs without breaking budgets.

Advantages of Exotel

Exotel, a full-stack customer engagement platform, recently raised $40 million in Series D funding to enable enterprises to deliver connected customer experiences.

This platform offers many advantages to businesses and organizations, such as enhanced customer engagement, deeper insights into customer data, seamless problem resolution, and more.

In this article, we will discuss the advantages of using Exotel’s platform for customer engagement.

Streamlined customer engagement

Exotel’s platform is designed to replace traditional manual processes, so businesses can focus on delivering a great customer experience and streamlining the customer engagement process. It helps businesses to improve their communication and respond quickly to customer inquiries.

Exotel is a cloud telephony platform that allows customers to easily manage calls and SMS messages across multiple countries and regions. With Exotel, businesses can reduce customer wait times, create automatic call forwarding on different channels, assign incoming calls to the appropriate agents and manage queues more efficiently.

The platform also offers reporting features that enable businesses to analyze customer engagement data to develop better strategies for future interactions. It also helps improve customer service ratings by providing detailed reports about each call or SMS conversation or interaction. These reports can help identify areas of improvement in communication as well as measure the success of campaigns or marketing efforts.

Additionally, Exotel has features which allow businesses easily scale their communication infrastructure as needed depending on an increase or decrease in demand. Finally, the platform integrates seamlessly with many other popular business applications such as Salesforce CRM, Zendesk Help Desk, Slack and Freshdesk for a more streamlined workflow and improved productivity levels for sales representatives, support staffs and other team members alike.

Improved customer experience

Exotel, a cloud-based customer engagement platform, offers many advantages for businesses of all sizes. By leveraging the latest technologies in analytics, automation, and customer engagement capabilities, Exotel helps businesses take their customer experience to a new level.

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From reducing customer service costs to improving service quality and response times to delivering personalized experiences, Exotel provides businesses with a wide range of tools that help them meet customer needs quickly and conveniently. Through its powerful automation tools and intelligent analytics engine, it gives businesses the freedom to store caller information and track call performance and patterns to identify areas of improvement. In addition, its built-in artificial intelligence engine allows customer support agents to anticipate and deliver improved customer experience through real-time insights.

Moreover, Exotel’s cloud-based platform makes it easy for businesses on all levels – from small startups to large enterprises – to quickly and cost-effectively deploy an advanced call center solution without having costly hardware or software investments. The system also integrates easily with leading CRM systems such as Salesforce and Zendesk so that users can access their organisation’s data in real time while staying connected with customers through multiple channels such as SMS, email or Website chat. This helps organisations build strong relationships with their customers by providing consistent experiences across all touchpoints — right from their first call to managing each segment of their journey via data lookup menus till completion of calls using automated processes.

Overall, by leveraging Exotel’s powerful features—automated attendant/menu dialing options; web conferencing capabilities; recording & reporting; smart routing with intelligently allocated resources; secured storage & retrieval of conversational histories — organisations can improve their customer satisfaction which leads them towards achieving better business outcomes ultimately.

Increased customer loyalty

Using Exotel’s platform to engage with customers can be an effective way to build customer loyalty. Businesses can ensure prompt and efficient responses to incoming communication which establishes a connection between customers and the business, creating a sense of loyalty.

The platform is specially designed for customer engagement, allowing businesses to set up automated workflows that respond immediately and accurately when contact is made from customers. Automated processes such as greetings, IVRs, menus, surveys and more are managed swiftly without any manual intervention further promoting improved customer experience and increasing satisfaction.

Additionally, the highly customizable features of Exotel allow businesses to enhance their customer support systems based on their individual needs and offer valuable insights into user behavior from analytics reports that assist in making strategic decisions regarding improvements in the customer experience. With these features combined, businesses will be able to develop stronger relationships with their customers resulting in increased loyalty for the company’s brand.

Exotel’s Series D Funding

Exotel, a full stack customer engagement platform, recently raised $40 million in Series D funding to enable enterprises to deliver connected customer experiences. This funding could be a big game-changer in the customer engagement domain and open up a myriad of opportunities for businesses.

In this article, let’s look at the advantages of using Exotel’s platform for customer engagement.

Details of the funding

Exotel, a Bengaluru-based customer engagement and communication platform, recently announced its Series D funding round of $35 million, led by SoftBank Ventures Korea, with participation from existing investors Kalaari Capital and Tiger Global. This extended Series D round brings the total funds raised to $44 million.

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This new capital infusion will help the company bolster its product offerings, capacity expansion and marketplace reach globally. Exotel has expanded their base of customers over six-fold in the last 12 months. With this fresh investment, the firm will continue to focus on delivering world-class customer experience for mid-market companies and large enterprises across Asia Pacific (APAC).

Exotel helps businesses build better customer relationships by offering advanced communication tools and scaling infrastructure that caters to individual organizations’ needs. The company’s cloud-based platform democratizes customer interactions across multiple channels like voice, live chat, voice or text messaging on top of an AI powered analytics engine that adds intelligence to each conversation. Its end goal is to streamline customer experience delivery for service teams across Asia Pacific markets by providing an efficient solution for customer engagement via interactive access points such as Skype and smartphones.

The strategic partnership with SoftBank Ventures Korea promises to deliver a powerful collaboration between Exotel’s tech infrastructure capabilities in India and Softbank’s enormous regional investments track record in APAC startup ecosystem enhance Exotel’s products capabilities with greater scalability, while creating a better global reach for Exotel products and solutions alike.

Impact of the funding

Exotel, a cloud communication service, recently announced that it had successfully closed a Series D funding round led by Matrix Partners India. With the new funding, Exotel plans to invest further in product marketing and enhancements.

This development is likely to have a positive impact on the customer support platform industry as more customers will be able to use Exotel’s services. The improved user experience Exotel provides can lead prior users of other customer experience software platforms to switch over to it as well.

The Series D funding will also give business and SMEs access to advanced customer engagement tools such as automated phone systems, toll-free numbers, call tracking and so on at competitive prices. This would enable them to resolve potential customer queries faster and take better decisions.

Additionally,Exotels will have access to enhanced data security with their improved infrastructure that helps protect clients’ data more securely than before; allowing them the means necessary to benefit from a secure platform solution while they promote their business services.

Overall, this series D funding would lead Exotel’s customers towards an efficient digital transformation journey through improved engagement and satisfaction while promising enhanced operations.


To sum up, Exotel’s customer engagement platform has a lot of advantages that make it an ideal choice for businesses looking to streamline customer support and increase their ROI. Its features enable businesses to easily measure and track customer engagement in real-time, so that they can be sure their efforts are yielding the maximum returns.

Moreover, the platform is secure with multiple levels of encryption and cloud infrastructure for unmatched data privacy. Finally, its ability to integrate with existing systems and scalability makes it suitable for large enterprises as well as small businesses alike.

With such powerful features combined in one platform, Exotel is the perfect choice for all customer engagement needs.