Instagram promotion is not an easy thing. In order to succeed, become recognizable in the media space and create a loyal community, it is not enough to have cool content, excellent page design, and several dozen subscribers. Here the competition is so fierce that you have to prove your value to users; otherwise, they’ll pass by and never come back to you.

If you plan to become a famous blogger, your promo strategy should be reliable and include many effective tools to attract fans. Obviously, in order to achieve your online goals, you need to use not only free but also some paid tools that will provide your blog with additional support. In this article, you’ll find information about the best ways to attract more new (or first) subscribers and form a fan base. Keep reading!

Which Paid Tools Are Most Effective?

  1. Using paid PR services is an opportunity to make your page flourish in the shortest possible time and enlist the support of thousands or even millions of people. There are many things available in the advertising services market: you can buy any number of subscribers, comments, likes, saves, and even account views. Collectively, all this affects the position of your blog in the overall ranking and the promotion of posts at the top.

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However, we’d recommend starting with buying fans; users pay attention to your audience and start following those who are supported by many others. Moreover, you can get targeted subs: buy Russian Instagram followers or from any other country. You can even choose which gender the delivered fans will be. This is convenient and useful for those who plan to develop their blog in a certain country or attract more male/female spectators.

  1. Buying ads from famous bloggers. A few years ago, novice creators relied entirely on targeted advertising, but now this tool has lost its relevance. Now people are much less likely to click on links in ads and click on targeted posts. Moreover, it annoys many active users. Now, if you have an advertising budget, it is better to invest it in advertising from influencers.

They provide full information about their statistics, and you can see how many views, likes, and clicks they’ve received recently. This will help you understand whether the costs are justified and whether it is profitable to cooperate with a blogger. But keep in mind that bloggers will require a technical task – all your ideas and requirements should be described here.

Free Methods: What to Use?

  1. Contrary to many stereotypes, hashtags still have not lost their relevance and can contribute to achieving virality. However, you need to use keywords wisely; you need to include in posts only those tags that relate to the topic of the blog and are not high-frequency. Otherwise, there is a chance that your publications will be lost among others. If you don’t know which words can have a positive impact on the promotion of posts, analyze the publications of competitors: and see which of them received the most interactions. Select a few tags that have been used here and include them in the content. 5-7 pieces will be enough, don’t overdo it; otherwise, the posts will look like advertising.

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  1. Experienced successful bloggers say that Reels is the best content format on Instagram today. It’s true: now, text posts with photos are not as relevant as videos. Short clips attract a lot more viewers’ attention than other content; they love them. Diversify your feed of posts, and try to publish successful Reels regularly, so you won’t only retain the existing audience but also get a new one; algorithms recommend such videos very often.