SeekOut is an AI-powered recruiting platform that helps recruiters source, engage, and hire top-tier talent. It bridges the gap between a recruiter and active job seekers with features such as powerful search sourcing and intuitive collaboration tools to optimise communication. In addition, SeekOut combines artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data science with sourcing efforts to increase the accuracy of candidate searches, thus helping boost the efficiency of recruitment tasks.

An easy-to-use user interface makes the recruiting process run smoothly while providing useful information such as industry insights and email monitoring. In addition, customised intelligent search technology offers specific targeted results based on criteria like experience, location and other related keywords that help streamline the process. As a result, SeekOut provides recruiters and talent acquisition teams an efficient way to find qualified candidates quickly without spending hours researching potential hires through popular job boards or manual search methods.

The platform also offers intuitive collaboration features for recruiters and HR professionals such as talent outreach insights so they can craft personalised messages for each candidate. In addition, real-time communication analytics give recruiters and team members visibility into what’s working across all channels so they can adjust their messaging or modify their approach if necessary. Finally, SeekOut’s integrated automated workflows enable hiring teams to organise entire pipeline processes in one place while they stay within compliant practices required by labour laws like EEOC (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission).

SeekOut Lands $115M to Expand Recruiting Software

SeekOut is an AI-powered recruiting, sourcing, and diversity hiring platform. Their software helps customers build stronger, more diverse hiring pipelines. The platform is used by large companies to quickly source qualified talent. In April 2020, SeekOut raised $115M in venture capital to expand its product offerings. In this article, we’ll take an in-depth look at SeekOut and analyze how it helps recruiters find and hire the best talent.

What is SeekOut?

SeekOut is an AI-first recruiting platform that helps recruiters find the right talent quickly and efficiently. With capabilities such as natural language processing, sentiment analysis, candidate relationship management (CRM), and real-time job posting analytics, SeekOut provides a powerful platform for recruiters to streamline their recruitment process.

SeekOut is designed with efficiency in mind, allowing recruiters to search through millions of potential candidates in seconds. The natural language processing enables recruiters to search for candidates with certain keywords or phrases in their professional summary or experience. Additionally, SeekOut’s sentiment analysis feature helps identify what drives each candidate – strengthening recruiter’s ability to identify a “good” fit from the available pool of resources.

The CRM portion of SeekOut facilitates better recruiting by tracking candidate interaction with personalised follow up emails and collaboration between recruiters when developing a targeted recruitment strategy. Finally, job postings on SeekOut are tracked in real-time so that companies can easily understand their reach and success rate on the platform.

SeekOut provides a comprehensive set of features for a recruiter to find the right candidate quickly and effectively. With easy access to data and analytics, companies can make informed decisions about their recruitment strategy while reducing time spent sourcing candidates. This cost-effective and efficient hiring platform redefines how companies interact with potential talent – experienced professionals or entry-level workers.

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What Services Does SeekOut Offer?

SeekOut is a recruitment platform that allows recruiters to easily and quickly fill open positions with the best possible candidates. It provides instant access to comprehensive global talent pools and allows recruiters to source, engage, and hire the right people for their organisations.

SeekOut’s main features include its unique search tools and candidate referral program. Their search tools enable recruiters to conduct precise searches based on criteria such as job title, location, educational background, skillset, professional work experience, and marketability. It also provides deeper insights into each candidate with its online social tab that allows recruiters to look at a potential candidate’s online interactions. In addition, SeekOut’s proprietary recommendation engine provides assistive AI-powered insights of qualified passive candidates relevant to a recruiter’s search criteria by analysing the expanding talent pool in real-time.

Their referral program offers a cash incentive for users who refer applicants they know or interact with through their network that match open job postings in their target industries. This feature is designed to foster collaboration between partners as it can significantly expand the recruiter’s overall talent pool of quality candidates from within or outside the job market. In addition, SeekOut integrates seamlessly with various ATS software solutions – including Greenhouse Software – allowing for seamless connections between your HR systems and SeekOut’s recruiting services. SeekOut also provides highly rated customer support from sought-after professionals who are dedicated to helping you achieve great results through an effective recruiting process

Benefits of SeekOut for Recruiters

After recently receiving a $115M funding round, SeekOut is continuing to expand their recruiting software, providing recruiters with an array of features to help streamline the hiring process. As a result, SeekOut can help recruiters optimise their current recruitment processes and assist them in finding and engaging the right talent. In this article we will take a look at the various benefits of using SeekOut for recruiters.

Automated Resume Searching

Using top-of-the-line technology, SeekOut enables recruiters to save time and money with automated resume searching. Aspiring job seekers add their resumes to SeekOut, and recruiters can quickly search for pre-formatted resumes of candidates that meet the criteria for their open roles.

Recruiters can easily filter their searches by location, desired skills, experience level, salary range, degree type and more to find the most qualified applicants. Moreover, SeekOut provides a tool through which recruiters can follow up with active conversations or outreach to potential candidates already engaged in the hiring process.

In addition to streamlining the candidate search process, SeekOut eliminates guesswork when tracking down passive candidates who may not actively seek new career opportunities. With access to a vast database of potential candidates, recruiters no longer need to spend countless hours trawling resumes and job descriptions posted on other websites.

SeekOut also offers powerful recruiting insights such as pipelines and reports about current trends in the industry. This helps recruiters make informed decisions about hiring strategies and focus on improving time-to-hire metrics for greater efficiency throughout their recruitment process. In addition, automated search functions powered by artificial intelligence makes these tasks significantly easier while ensuring adequate selection of a high quality talent pool that works best for a given vacancy. Ultimately, access to automated resume searching provided by SeekOut gives recruiters an edge when it comes to quickly sourcing quality talent quicker than ever!

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Automated Job Postings

Posting jobs on job sites and other online platforms is time-consuming, especially if a recruiter is hoping to reach a large number of candidates. Automating the job posting process with the help of SeekOut reduces recruiter frustrations by making it easier to manage job postings.

SeekOut’s automated job postings capabilities include posting jobs on dozens of popular sites with just a few clicks. This can be used for bulk or individual postings, or for targeting various candidate profiles. In addition, recruiters can tailor posts for different platforms, keeping each element consistent across channels and ensuring that all job postings follow brand guidelines without any manual effort.

Once a job is live, SeekOut follows up automatically by engaging with qualified candidates via email and even via text messages. It also keeps track of applications received and allows recruiters to place notes on each candidate to compare applicants quickly and easily. Additionally, SeekOut integrates directly with many applicant tracking systems (ATS), so recruiters have an easier time receiving new applications into their systems and managing throughout their hiring process.

Overall, SeekOut provides recruiters with an efficient way to post jobs while also helping them organise and track applicants through an intuitive dashboard designed specifically for recruiting purposes. As a result, recruiters benefit from saved time when posting jobs and more effective tracking abilities that provide a streamlined workflow in the hiring process – giving them more flexibility in finding great talent quicker and easier than ever!

AI-Powered Candidate Matching

AI-powered candidate matching is one of the core benefits of SeekOut for recruiters. The SeekOut platform uses AI algorithms to create a deep dive into a candidate and go beyond just their resume and qualifications. This technology can recognize the strongest candidates for your job opening through data mining and predicting performance.

The algorithms can also hone in on skills, knowledge, experience, and even soft skills such as cultural fit that are important for the job. Candidates that meet the criteria are presented to an employer instantly, enabling recruiters to quickly identify great talent for open positions.

SeekOut’s artificial intelligence also allows employers to analyse employee turnover by assisting employers in tracking data from thousands of recruiting campaigns throughout their entire system. The insights from this information can be used to optimise recruiting practices such as improving interview technologies or building stronger employee onboarding programs. In addition, AI-powered candidate matching saves countless hours of manual labour, reduces hiring costs, streamlines internal processes while improving candidate pipelines. As they say “Time is money” and AI-powered candidate matching helps companies make better decisions in sourcing talent faster at a lower cost than ever before!

Recent Funding Round

SeekOut, a startup focused on helping recruiters find the best talent faster, recently announced that it raised a massive $115M Series B funding round. This funding round brings the company’s total funding to over $200M, with an impressive list of investors including Microsoft, Capital One, and Lightspeed Ventures. This funding round is a clear sign that SeekOut is doing something right. So let’s look at how SeekOut is helping recruiters get the best from the job market.

Overview of The $115 Million Funding Round

SeekOut, a recruiting platform powered by artificial intelligence, has announced a $115 million funding round led by trustbridge Partners and Avid Ventures. Other investors included Jump Capital, Sorenson Impact Foundation and the Stanford StartX Fund.

The round was led by trustbridge Partners’ Lasse Williams who joined SeekOut’s board and brings decades of technical experience to the team. As part of the round, Avid Ventures partner John Racette joins the company as an Advisor. At the same time, Jump Capital entrepreneur in residence Sarah Couch will be a senior advisor to the company.

The funds will be used to drive global market expansion and accelerate product innovation for existing customers –– SeekOut is one of the leading providers of AI-powered hiring solutions for companies across industries. The new capital also fuels continued growth in developing specific talent solution sets for customers including sales enablement technology and applications that optimise internal ATS databases.

SeekOut’s technology leverages advanced Natural Language Processing (NLP) to identify passive talent from all sources—including social networks — versus traditional search techniques which rely on keyword matches within defined databases or Boolean search techniques. This allows recruiters to identify potential candidates more quickly and refine searches based on job criteria such as education, years of experience, job titles and more — all within one comprehensive platform built on NLP technology.

SeekOut CEO Pooja Variyar commented on the financing: “Recruiters can now leverage AI-based recruiting solutions like SeekOut to streamline candidate sourcing efforts and deliver better quality results–– faster than ever before. Our mission is to give our customers that competitive edge they need whenever they need it.”

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How Will The Funding be Used?

The recent investment round announced by SeekOut will accelerate the company’s growth and create a world-class product. In addition, the funds will support additional hiring, strategic partnerships, user experience enhancements, engineering excellence, and product innovation to help recruiters make better talent decisions.

SeekOut’s mission is to provide its customers an outstanding job search experience by delivering intuitive technologies that help find qualified candidates faster and more efficiently. This infusion of capital will help SeekOut better serve recruiters around the globe. Additionally, the investment round ensures that SeekOut continues to offer an efficient talent solution with features such as its proprietary hiring platform and semantic search engine.

SeekOut is committed to its customers’ success in talent acquisition and needs this new round of funding to continue building a reliable platform that meets recruiters’ changing needs. Furthermore, this new capital allows SeekOut to continue developing innovative recruiting strategies that enable employers worldwide to make more informed hiring decisions.


Recruiters looking to diversify their candidate pool, save time and resources locating high-quality candidates, improve applicant tracking and communication systems, and streamline the entire process should take a serious look at SeekOut.

SeekOut is designed to help recruiters quickly find candidates in specific locations and industries with the desired skills. It consolidates all the available data on a single platform using targeted search filters and advanced Boolean algorithms, making it much easier to find qualified individuals. Plus, pulling resumes and tracking applicant movement is hassle-free since SeekOut automatically populates with key data points like contact information, skill sets, current location history, education background, etc.

Since SeekOut leverages advanced AI technology coupled with machine learning and natural language processing, the recruitment process becomes even more streamlined by automatically sourcing active or passive talent pools or sending automated drip messages to qualified candidates. Additionally job posting sites like Indeed can be used with SeekOut to instantly post job openings for maximum exposure. In other words: ‘It’s a comprehensive recruiting experience that provides recruiters with an edge’!