Microphone Location on Iphone 12

Apple has made it very easy for one to find the location of their iphone 12 microphone. The apple genius bar technicians are more than happy to point out microphones’ exact locations on your iphone. If you happen to be some where without that luxury, simply follow these simple instructions and you will master this task in no time.

Now we will discuss our iphone’s directional data. Iphone has three different directional microphones- front, bottom and top. You can easily identify the location of these microphones on your iphone. These microphones are somewhat small and can be mistaken as a speaker so you need to pay attention and carefully note down their exact locations.

where is the microphone on iphone 12 pro max

This front microphone or directional metal grille, as apple geniuses call it, is placed in between the ear piece which you use to listen to music and make calls. This front directional metal grille serves two purposes- one being a front directional microphone that takes your voice command to record on applications like sound memo, voice memos etc.

The second purpose is for noise cancellation. This means the speaker sitting next to this front directional metal grille will make sure you can hear music even when there are many people around you talking at the same time or in high-noise areas.

Location of the microphone on the iphone 12 is next to the speaker.

The second microphone is found on the bottom of your iphone. When you look at your iphone screen side-on, this microphone would be placed right in the center below it. This is a very powerful sensor that can pick low sounds or bass and also makes sure no sound gets lost when recording songs.

Location of the microphone on the iphone 12 pro max is

This bottom directional microphone though a little bit harder to spot, can be located right below your home button. It is a very powerful directional speaker and picks up any sound coming from below it. This is also a noise cancellation speaker that makes it easier for you to listen to music in high-noise areas.

This bottom directional microphone can be located easily by following this simple tip. Just put your iphone on silent mode and see if the speaker works when you play it loud then place your hands around it to feel for vibrations or noise that comes out of it. This will help you grasp its exact location.

Effects of the location of the microphone on sound quality

The sound quality of iphone is so good because it has the best directional speakers placed in the perfect locations. This makes it easier for you to listen to songs without any unnecessary noise from your surrounding interfering with music. The location where the microphone is placed on iphone 12 pro max?

How to use the location of the microphone to your advantage

The location of the microphone on your iphone also makes it easier for you to record and listen to what you just recorded. It is easy for one to find out whether or not their directional microphones are working when they test them by turning up the volume and playing a song in their headphone loudly. If you are able to hear the sound playing in your headphone even if it is on silent or airplane mode, then congratulations! You have located both front and bottom directional microphones of your iphone 12 pro max.


Now that you know the location of these microphones, you can use it to your advantage in recorded messages or in voice memos. The bottom directional microphone will give sound quality in recording songs and other music while the front directional microphone will pick up your voice clearly when giving commands.