In the world of Skyrim, a wife is someone who will spend all day doing your bidding. They cook for you, clean up after you and do anything else that needs to be done. You can ask them about their lives or what they like to do in their spare time as well without hesitation

The “best wives in skyrim” is a quest that players can take on in Skyrim. The quest involves finding the most profitable wife in all of Skyrim.

Who is the most profitable wife in Skyrim?

If your spouse is a natural merchant, they will purchase and sell the same items as they usually would.

Is it possible to modify your spouse’s clothing in Skyrim?

DESCRIPTION: Once you’ve married your spouse, you’ll notice a new conversation option. It will offer a menu where you may give your spouse presents if you click on it. If you offer them armor, they’ll put it on instead of their regular clothes.

Do all Skyrim spouses offer you money?

Yes! Some NPCs are better spouses than others, but only in terms of usefulness. Your spouses create a “shop” and split the profits with you (depending on the character it could be 100 to 200 gold a day). Regardless matter where you choose to reside, they will establish a shop.

Is it possible to sleep with your partner in Skyrim?

This boost is only available to Dragonborn who have married and moved into a house. When the player selects a marital house, they will be given a random task to meet their spouse there. To complete the mission, meet there. Then, on a bed in the marital house, one may sleep with one’s spouse.

Is it possible for me to divorce Skyrim?

In Skyrim, you can’t seek a divorce, but you may be able to find a new Marriage Partner. “Till death do us part,” yup, you got it, if you *ahem* murder your spouse (ideally within your home to escape bounty), you may re-equip the amulet and go looking for another lover, serial murderer you.

Is it possible to gift your spouse Armor Skyrim?

You can surely give her greater armor since she is a follower, however she may not have it equipped once you dismiss her. It’ll still be in her inventory, so it’s not a bad idea to give it a go.

When you marry in Skyrim, how much gold do you get?

Yes, it turns out that marrying may provide you with a steady stream of cash, with your spouse providing you 100 Gold each day, every day, after you’ve married. More information on how to get married in Skyrim can be found in our guide on getting married in Skyrim.

In Skyrim, how can you acquire money from your spouse?

You will be able to question your spouse about money made from a shop they will have created when you visit them in whatever residence you have picked. You will be able to earn an accumulating daily income of around 100 gold from your spouse starting the following day, regardless of where he or she lives.

In Skyrim, how much gold does a trader have?

Because their own pocket money is added to the merchant-specific gold, merchants usually have 3-40 gold more than advertised. Gold is reset every 48 hours or when the merchant’s inventory is refreshed. There are various methods to increase merchant gold: Nearly all merchants’ gold is increased by 1000 when they have the Master Trader perk.

In Skyrim, what happens when you marry?

If you communicate with your new spouse after the wedding, you can figure out where they will reside. Your spouse can move in with you if you own property; conversely, if your spouse owns property, you may move in with them. After marriage, spouses will give a number of amenities, such as homecooked meals.