In the most recent Elder Scrolls game, Skyrim, players are able to kill their male and female characters by committing suicide. However, there is some disagreement as to whether or not Delphine can be killed in this way.

In the new game Elder Scrolls Online, Delphine is an NPC that you can kill. Some players are upset because they feel like she was a major character in the previous games and would have wanted to fight her or something.

“Kill essential npc skyrim” is a question that has been asked many times. There are multiple ways to kill Delphine in Skyrim, but the easiest way is to use console commands.

Is there a way to kill Delphine in Skyrim?

Is it possible to assassinate Delphine in Skyrim?

It is impossible to murder Delphine and Esbern to safeguard Paarthurnax since they are always crucial people who cannot perish. Because there is no way to refuse the quest (besides from ignoring the Blades), there is no way to stop it once it has begun.

Instead of Paarthurnax, how do you kill the blades?

To prevent murdering Paarthurnax, execute the console command setessential 0 instead, allowing the Blades to be slain instead.

Is it possible to murder Delphine using a mod?

‘setessential’ is the command you’re searching for. You’ll need the NPC’s ID number, after which you may make them mortal (0) or immortal (1). (1). As a result, you should be able to execute the command “help Delphine 4” (on the console, to open that).

In Skyrim, how is Esbern linked to Delphine?

He has a tight relationship with Delphine, another Blade agent. Because he is being persecuted, he is very careful.

In the Elder Scrolls, where can you locate Esbern?

During the mission “A Cornered Rat,” Esbern may wear “placed” clothing items, but it will be removed if he is brought to Delphine at Riverwood and the objective is completed. Esbern will attack the Dragonborn on sight if he is used as a follower during the mission “Alduin’s Wall” and the Dragonborn turns into a Werewolf.

In Skyrim, what happens after Esbern kills a dragon?

Esbern will dispatch the Dragonborn to slay a specific dragon after recruiting three new Blades members, and the Dragonborn must take at least one of the Blades recruits with him. The Dragonborn may exchange a Dragon Bone and a Dragon Scale for Esbern’s Potion after the dragon is killed.

In the Elder Scrolls, where can you locate Delphine?

Return to Sky Haven Temple after completing the main questline and defeating the World-Eater in fight to locate Delphine and Esbern outside the temple. Esbern will share his horror with her. Delphine will approach you after their talk and start the quest as usual.