The issue of hotkey dual wield in Skyrim is a recent one, but it has been asked for years. The answer lies here:

The “skyrim hotkey dual wield” is a question asked by many people. In Skyrim, you can use the hotkeys to switch between two weapons that are equipped on your hands.

How do you hotkey dual wield in Skyrim?

In Skyrim, how do you hotkey dual wield?

You may create a favorite and assign a hotkey to it if you have two similar weapons (i.e. Glass Sword (2)). When you press the hotkey twice, the weapons will be dual wielded…. 3 Responses

  1. Weapons are my favorites.
  2. Place them in the right hands.
  3. Only give the one in the right hand a hotkey.

In Skyrim, how do you bind hotkeys?

There are three options. To access the quick menu, press Q. Then, while lingering over an object or spell for a second, press a number key (1–8). During gaming, touch the designated number key to switch between objects.

Is it possible to switch weapons quickly in Skyrim?

You may mark weapons, spells, or anything else you choose as Favorites in your inventory (keyboard default is F), and then change them fast during battle by hitting the Favorites button (keyboard default is Q), which brings up the Favorites menu.

In Skyrim, how do I equip two swords?

Go to your inventory and use your left attack button (PC defaults to right mouse button, consoles use L1) to place a weapon in your left hand, then go to your inventory and do the same with your right attack button (PC defaults to left mouse button, consoles use R1) for your right hand.

In Skyrim, how can you equip dual wield?

How are several equip sets mapped using hotkeys?

The player may use cycles to assign numerous equip sets to a single hotkey. For example, you may set all vampire spells to “Shift 1,” all necromancy spells to “Shift 2,” and your strongest healing spell (dual cast) and the Become Ethereal yell to be the only cycles on “1.”

What are the hotkeys for a dual-wield setup?

When it comes to weapons, though, if I use my hot-keys to switch to a spell in my left hand and then press the weapon hot-key, it just changes the weapon in my right hand while retaining the spell in my left. Harvesting souls is really inconvenient since I have to access the Quick menu each time and manually choose it in the appropriate hand.

For goods and spells, how do you utilize 1-8 hotkeys?

Choose what you wish to hotkey as a favorite. Select what you wish to hotkey from the Favorites menu (Q), then hit a hotkey (1–8). Done. I discovered that pressing a hotkey twice moves the object to the opposite hand. At least, that’s how it worked for me with spells. On 4, I have healing, and on 5, I have fire.

Is it possible to utilize two hotkeys for the same weapon?

It’s alright if you use two of the same weapon, but you’re out of luck if you have two different weapons. Every time, you must manually designate the offhand weapon from the favorites menu. Hopefully, someone will provide a mod that enables you to set dual wield combinations to hotkeys.