If you’re looking for free game time, then this is the article to read. Game companies are now partnering with publishers like Blizzard or helping people get their account back in order to play games. You might have missed out on some cool offers after your account was locked but it’s not too late!

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Can you get free WoW game time?

Is it possible to gain free WoW gaming time?

All you have to do to get your free WoW Game Time is create an account on Idle-Empire, do a few paid surveys, view movies, or fulfill offers, and then immediately redeem your points for a WoW Game Card.

How can I buy WoW at a lower price?

Learning the Auction House and then imagining what others want to purchase and what they will spend Gold on is the cheapest method to play World of Warcraft. When you have enough gold to purchase a token, do so and continue to learn about the Auction House.

What is the cost of WoW gaming time?

How much does a World of Warcraft (WoW) game subscription cost? The cost of a month’s worth of World of Warcraft playing time is $99 EUR. This is a recurring subscription that may be cancelled at any time.

Where can I purchase World of Warcraft gaming time?

Choose how much Game Time you want and whether you’re buying it for yourself or as a gift from there…. To get it from the store, go to: To get started, go to Account Overview. Choose your payment options. Return to the Blizzard Shop after adding your preferred payment method. Choose World of Warcraft as your game. Choose Game Time from the Game Services menu.