Blizzard revealed that it was not possible to transfer characters via their in-game auction house, but if the player did so before May 25th, they would be reimbursed with a token for each character. However, players received no compensation for those tokens and are frustrated about this change.

“my wow characters disappeared” is a common problem that many people are facing. Blizzard has released a fix for this issue, but it is unknown how many people have actually followed the steps to get their characters back.

What happened to all my wow characters?

What happened to all of my World of Warcraft characters?

Take the following procedures before contacting us if your World of Warcraft characters are missing: To scroll down, use the right-hand scroll bar on the Character Select screen. If you’ve been away from World of Warcraft for a while, you may need to update your character stats.

Why are my World of Warcraft characters dormant?

Your payment may have failed if your account seems inactive after you attempted to set up a subscription. To check the status of your order, go to your Transaction History. Check our Credit Card and PayPal payment difficulties articles and try again if you don’t see any orders or your order appears as unsuccessful.

Is it possible to erase WoW characters indefinitely?

Yes, within 90 days following the destruction of the file. Yes, within 120 days following the destruction of the file. Deleted characters are purged from the database after the aforesaid retention periods and are no longer displayed on the character restoration list.

How can I resurrect my World of Warcraft character?

From the character selection screen, you may recover a deleted character:

  1. Select a character by clicking on the character choosing screen.
  2. Click to choose your deleted character.

What does it mean to be inactive in World of Warcraft?

Your World of Warcraft account seems to be inactive at the moment. Because your subscription for this month was not successful, your account does not have any gaming time available right now. You may either resubscribe or use money to purchase gaming time (if you have enough gold).

Are there any characters in World of Warcraft that are missing?

My sister has returned to World of Warcraft after a seven-year absence, and I’ve been assisting her with her re-entry, but she now claims to be missing certain characters. Is there any way to know what would have happened to these characters if they hadn’t died?

Is it possible to reclaim your characters after being banned from Wow?

Even after extended periods of time, my characters have remained. No. If your account has been banned, you will be unable to access those characters for the duration of the ban. It may be possible to regain your account and characters if you are able to contact Blizzard support and get the ban lifted.

When will more Wow characters be released?

Those characters, on the other hand, will almost certainly need new names: Character names will be freed up for anybody creating a new character or utilizing the premium Character Name Change service if they have not entered into the game after December 7, 2010. Thank you for taking the time to respond to Arqade!

How can I resurrect ancient Wow characters?

Do you notice any of the old characters you recall if you click the [Change Character] button under your posting picture? Check to see which worlds they’re in. Changing to those worlds and seeing whether they populate is a good idea. Separately, due to the fact that a Battle.Net account might include numerous WOW accounts, users have inadvertently activated the incorrect accounts in the past.