To get into the Legends Guild, players must have completed tasks for one of the guild’s superiors. These tasks can be found by talking to a superior who will tell you about them when you ask her and do these quests at different levels; bronze, iron, steel and mithril. To reach higher stages in game play it takes more time than normal as well as items called dragon bones or barrows which are very rare

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How do you get into the Legends Guild Osrs?

How can you join the Osrs Legends Guild?

The Legends’ Guild may be reached in a variety of ways:

  1. Teleport to the quest point cape – it’s just outside the door.
  2. Just east of the entrance is the fairy ring code BLR.
  3. Yanille’s Wizards’ Guild – 2nd3rd floor[? ],
  4. Teleport to Ardougne from the east, then north.
  5. Go south-east to the Ranging Guild using your combat bracelet.

What’s the best way to build a rusted sword?

It may be picked up by a H.A.M. member or as drop loot from enemies (requires level 15 Thieving). A job for the Easy Ardougne Diary is to give Tindel Marchant a rusted sword.

What is the best way to get the Ardougne Cloak 2?

The Ardougne cloak 2 is provided to you by Two-pints at the Flying Horse Inn in East Ardougne as a prize for completing the easy and medium Ardougne Diaries, and may be recovered from her for free if lost.

How do you get Watchtower Teleport Osrs unlocked?

To read the spell scroll provided as a prize by the Watchtower Wizard, you must first complete the Watchtower quest. After completing the difficult Ardougne Diary, you may teleport to Yanille’s heart by right-clicking the Watchtower teleport symbol in the standard spellbook.

What is the best way to go to Yanille Osrs?

The Yanille teleport is a magical tablet that allows players to transport immediately beyond the Yanille home portal by breaking it. It’s made using a scroll of redirection on a teleport to home tablet at level 50 Construction.

What is the best way to teleport to Trollheim?

Trollheim Teleport is a teleportation spell that may be performed with Magic level 61, the normal spellbook, and Eadgar’s Ruse. To cast, you’ll need two fire runes and two law runes, and you’ll get 68 experience every cast. It teleports the caster to the summit of Trollheim, in front of Eadgar’s cave.

What is the best way to enter the Yanille agility dungeon?

To enter the dungeon, players must first go to the Yanille region. There are a couple more options for getting there besides walking: The Watchtower Teleport to the Watchtower, which is located at the northern entrance of the dungeon. The Watchtower quest grants you the power to teleport.

What is the best way to travel to the Chaos Druid Tower?

How to Get There Just north of the wall that divides East and West Ardougne lies the Chaos Druid Tower. To go inside the dungeon, go to the Chaos Druid Tower, which is located north of Ardougne, and choose the entrance. After that, you must descend the tower’s ladder.

How do you go to the Osrs chaotic druids?


  1. Taverley Dungeon is a dungeon in Taverley, England.
  2. North-west of East Ardougne is the Chaos Druid Tower (requires 46 Thieving)
  3. Edgeville Dungeon is a dungeon located in Edgeville (Wilderness)
  4. Dungeon of Yanille Agility.
  5. On the roof of Slepe’s church.

Where can I find Chaos Druids to kill?

They are found in the Edgeville Dungeon, Taverley Dungeon and Dungeon of Yanille Agility. Note: The Chaos druids in Edgeville Dungeon reside in the Wilderness only area of the dungeon….

Profit Gained experience
165,291 24, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000,
Inputs Finished products (165,291)

Osrs, how many looting bags are you allowed?

28 items

How can I go to the dungeon in Edgeville?

It may be reached through a trapdoor south of the Edgeville bank via a locked shed west of the Cooks’ Guild (which requires a Brass key to unlock). The dungeon’s southern half is open to the public and is a popular spot for slaying Hill Giants in free-to-play worlds.

What is the best way to approach the hill giants?

To get the key, go to the Edgeville Dungeon’s rear door, which is located south of the Edgeville bank, and go into the dungeon. There is a little circular chamber just north of the hill giant room with the key on the ground. It respawns every 45 seconds or so.

How can I get access to the Varrock sewers?

A manhole directly east of Varrock Palace leads to the Varrock Sewers. Members may also get entrance to the sewers via Edgeville Dungeon by using a pipe shortcut at Vannaka, which takes 51 Agility and dumps them near several of the moss giants.

Are Moss Giants suitable for training?

Moss giants are often trained on because to their low Defense level in contrast to other monsters of their rank.

Where is the demon slayer key in the sewer?

When you click “Search Drain,” you’ll see the key. Wash it down the varrock sewer with a pail of water. To acquire the key, go down the Varrock Sewer. You may discover the rusted second key by a little river and several zombies on the opposite side of the corridor on the left.

Is there going to be a second season of Demon Slayer?

The second season of Demon Slayer will air sometime in Summer 2021, according to Crunchyroll.