One of the most popular video games in history, World of Warcraft, has just released its latest expansion. The Battle for Azeroth is bringing a new continent to explore and raise your character’s level cap to 120, but what happens when you log into the game? How do you get started again? This guide will answer all that uncertainty.

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How do I activate my wow account?

How can I get my World of Warcraft account activated?

Go to the email address you used to sign up for the account. At that address, you will get a verification email. To activate your Battlenet account, click the link given in the verification email. The link will direct you to a page with a tab labeled “Continue Adding A New Game.” This should be clicked.

Is it possible to retrieve an old World of Warcraft account?

After a time of inactivity, you may reclaim your account. Log in to Blizzard’s interface to manage your account. You may try checking in via the official World of Warcraft website, but you’ll be forwarded to the login screen. Fill in the email address and password from your previous account.

Is it possible to reactivate a World of Warcraft account?

How to Reactivate Your World of Warcraft Account Once you’ve arrived at the login screen, enter your previous account’s email address and password. The classic World of Warcraft Account Management Screen will appear. You may choose your payment method here.

How long does Blizzard take to remove an account?

30 days

What is the procedure for deleting a World of Warships account?

How to remove your account from the system

  1. Make sure you’re logged in to your account.
  2. Select Account Management from the drop-down menu.
  3. Go to the Data Protection section.
  4. Select Delete Account from the drop-down menu.
  5. Click Continue after entering your email address.
  6. Confirm the procedure.
  7. An email will be sent to you confirming your request.

What is the procedure for unlinking a Wargaming account?

Relinking an other account

  1. Access Account Management by logging in.
  2. To unlink your account, click the [Amazon] button.
  3. Check in-game to see whether you’ve gotten your stuff.

How can you get World of Warships back up and running?

Branches of Ships are being reset.

  1. In the branch you want to reset, you must have studied a Tier X ship.
  2. When a branch is reset, it will be rolled back to the Tier I ship.
  3. Ships and modules are sold at a fraction of their original price.
  4. All gained XP is allocated to the branch’s initial ship.

Is it possible to connect my World of Warships account to Steam?

You may also accomplish this by going to and checking in with your Steam account first. Please note that this feature is only accessible for Steam accounts. Within the game zone, an email address may only be used for one account.

How can I connect my Steam account to my Wargaming account?

On the Steam version of the game, playing with your Wargaming account is quite straightforward.

  1. Locate the Steam Folder.
  2. Navigate to SteamApps.
  3. Go to the common area.
  4. Folder for World of Warships.
  5. After that, you go to your bin folder.
  6. Look for the latest current folder after you’ve arrived.

Is there a submarine in World of Warships?

Submarines will be introduced to the game client as a different fight type after the Public Test (as we had for Arms Race, Savage Battles, or Space Battles). This will allow us to make final adjustments to the new ship type’s balance on the live server.

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