Facebook’s new “Groups” feature has taken the internet by storm since its release in June. The social media giant is testing out a way to combat online bullying through targeted groups, but some users are unhappy with the change and have created anti-Facebook groups that use it as an opportunity to troll other Facebook users.

This is a question that has been asked many times. The reason why the “GG” turns pink on Facebook, is because of the color scheme that Facebook uses.

Why does GG turn pink on Facebook?

On Facebook, why does GG turn pink?

When You Type GG on Any Facebook Comment & Tap on It, a Fist Bump Animation will Appear. For those who haven’t tried it yet, whenever you type “GG” on Facebook, it’ll turn the letters pink.

What’s the best way to make GG pink?

The text becomes pink when you enter ‘GG’ and make a remark. When someone clicks on the pink lettering, a fist bump animation appears. Some users have also noticed that each time they click the text, they receive a new animation.

What causes the letter GG to become pink when typed?

What does ‘gg’ stand for? The animation of a fist bump will fly over the screen if you write ‘gg’ into the comment area of a Facebook video. Only after the remark lights pink will the animation appear. Users are taking advantage of every chance to remark on their friends’ postings in order to trigger the animation.

When you type GG, what happens?

“Wonderful Game” The abbreviation GG stands for “good game.” GG is a symbol of sportsmanship and an acknowledgement that you had fun while combating your opponents in online competitive games. For many players, typing GG into the chat at the conclusion of each match is common procedure.

In Roblox, what does GG stand for?

good game

What does GG stand for in our midst?

Good Game

What does GG stand for in a text?

“Way to go” is abbreviated as “Way to Go Internet, texting, SMS, email, and chat acronyms are examples of terms having the same meaning (list of).

What does it mean to be a GG girl?

Good Girl

What does GG stand for in the world of drugs?

GG in the Pharmaceutical Industry

1 GG Medical Glyceryl Guaiacolate, Medicine
1 GG Medicine, Health, and Care is a goal group.

What does the abbreviation GG stand for in the urban dictionary?

GG stands for “good game” or “good going.” Used earnestly in online games like trivia, but more often sarcastically when someone has done something stupid.

What exactly is LOL K stand for?

Okay, I’m laughing out loud.