This is a question about how to make companions wear armor in the game Skyrim. This article will give you some of the steps that need to be taken for making them wear different types of armors.

“Skyrim follower won’t equip armor” is a question that has been asked many times before. The answer to this problem can be found in the “How do I make companions wear armor in Skyrim?” article.

How do I make companions wear armor in Skyrim?

In Skyrim, how can I make my buddies wear armor?

The Dragonborn cannot make Wolf Armor, but it may be purchased from Eorlund Gray-Mane in Whiterun after completing the quest “Proving Honor.” Some of the armor may be gained as part of The Companions questline and can be seen on senior members of The Companions.

Is it possible to modify the armor of your followers?

By accessing console using the key above tab on your keyboard, then clicking on your companion, in this example Lydia, then entering removeallitems and hitting enter, you may remove all of your companion’s preset armor. You’ll be able to put anything you want on him or her now.

Skyrim, how can you get your follower to dress what you want?

Bring her in as a disciple, have her wear thick armor like ebony, and then send her out. After that, check out what she has for sale; she’ll still be wearing ebony, but her default steel armors will be on sale. Purchase all of them and store them somewhere else.

Lydia wears what kind of armor?

Jewelry and armour Steel armor (the variant sans pauldrons), boots, gauntlets, and a shield are Lydia’s default armor. Her standard armor has a total armor rating of 169. She does not wear a helmet by default, but if one is provided to her, she may put it on.

Is Wolf Armor in Skyrim effective?

The Wolf Armor is the preferred attire of the Companions’ top members. It has the same values as Steel Armor, but with a lighter pair of boots, making it more appealing to players that like Heavy Armor in their character builds.

In Skyrim, can I offer my follower armor?

Put the armor in your follower’s inventory and trade goods with them. They will only wear armor you place in their inventory if it is better than what they currently have.

When you give a follower armor, what happens?

You gift your follower a suit of armor, which he or she joyfully accepts. They are wearing their default armor set when you send them home and return to retrieve them later. Then you have to go through their inventory and take something out and replace it so they can wear it again.

How can I persuade my friend to take off this armor?

Unfortunately, there is no method to regulate a follower’s equipment in vanilla Skyrim to have them wear or remove armor. There are various options if you’re using a computer: Commands for the console: When showinventory and equipitem are combined, the follower will put on anything you choose. You may also use removeitem to entirely remove the item from them.

Is it possible to compel a buddy to wear armor?

However, as soon as I handed her the glass chestpiece, all of her conventional armor returned, and she refused to put it on. But the more precise removeitem worked, and she is now properly gleaming. So I have Lydia, and I want her to put on this lovely new +20 percent stamina regen glass chestpiece I got, but she won’t put it on.

What does the Skyrim Follower Mod do?

This mod accomplishes one thing very well: while your follower is actively following you, you may entirely handle their stuff, including manipulating their default clothes. They will continue to wear their new uniforms after they have been sacked.