When Pokémon Sword launches later this year, it will have a new region of the game called Brooklet Hill. The last area players can get Shaymin is at Victory Road in Route 10. This area has been closed off for ages and no one knows the way to open the gate that leads back there.

The “shaymin pokemon” is a legendary Pokemon that can be found in the game. The Shaymin will be available after you have completed the main story arc of Pokemon Sword and Shield.

Can you get shaymin in Pokemon sword?

Is it possible to get Shaymin in Pokémon Sword?

It, like Mew, Jirachi, Celebi, Shaymin, Deoxys, and every other Mythical Pokemon known to exist, cannot be captured via any in-game encounter in the most recent Pokemon releases. That is all there is to it. It’s reasonable to presume Victini isn’t available in Pokemon Sword and Shield since that the myths have been debunked.

What are your plans for the oaks letters?

In the Sinnoh area games, Oak’s Letter is a Key Item that lets the player to reach a particular stretch of Route 224 that leads to the Flower Paradise. This item was first released in Generation IV, and it enables you to catch the Mythical Pokémon Shaymin by using the letter.

Where should I deliver Oaks’ letter?

Oak. It has a request for you to travel to Rt. 224 written on it. Professor Oak has written a letter to you.

Where can I receive a copy of Oaks’ letter?


  • You may capture Shaymin thanks to Oak’s letter. Either by utilizing an Action Replay or by attending an event.
  • In Japan, it was just recently released. However, it will most likely be released in the United States later this year (prob.
  • Oak’s letter is an event that requires you to meet up with Oak on Route 224.

What exactly is an azure flute?

The Azure Flute (Japanese: Heaven Flute) is the sole non-distributed of the four event-exclusive Key Items in the Sinnoh-based games (the others being the Secret Key, Member Card, and Oak’s Letter).

In Pokemon Diamond, how do I go to Route 224?

After you’ve received the National Dex, you’ll be allowed to access Route 224. Prepare yourself for a long adventure by flying to the Pokemon League. Surf, Waterfall, Rock Climb, Strength, and Defog are all required. Cross the bridge to the south from the Victory Road exit.

What happened to Marley, the Pokemon Diamond?

Marley initially appears in Diamond and Pearl, when the player encounters him after beating the Elite Four and Champion on Route 224.