The reason for the high demand of burnt food in Old School RuneScape is still a mystery. Some suggest that it might be to feed an ‘Unholy’ monster, but no one really knows because Jagex has not released any information on what he or she does.

“Burnt food and crushed gems osrs” is a question that many players have been wondering about for quite some time. It’s not the most popular topic, but it can be interesting to find out why players buy burnt food and crushed gems.

Why do Osrs players buy burnt food?

Why do users of the Elder Scrolls Online purchase burned food?

It’s all about amassing a large collection of charred food. Burnt food is unusual because as you advance through the cooking levels, you burn food less and less. It’s simply an odd thing for affluent RS gamers to spend money on, but every now and then they can receive a good offer for their collection, making it worthwhile to sell.

In Runescape, what can you do with burned shrimp?

When you get level 35 in Cooking, shrimp will no longer be burned. Although you may try unsuccessfully to eat the charred shrimp, it serves no use. It may be traded with other players, but not on the Grand Exchange, like most other burned foods.

Is it possible to burn shrimp?

Cooking a shrimp takes 1 Cooking, and with a higher Cooking level, it will be less likely to burn. When you get level 35 in Cooking, shrimp will no longer be burned.

What are the Osrs value of charred shrimp?

Shrimp that has been charred
Value 1 coin
High alch 0 coins
Low alch 0 coins
Weight 0.08 kg

For Osrs, how much do cooked shrimp sell for?

Destroy Drop
Examine Some deliciously prepared shrimp.
Value 5 coins

What is the average number of sharks cooked every hour?

The profit is generally between 258,000 and 335,400 per hour, with raw and cooked shark prices now at 714 and 972 coins, respectively, and a cook rate of 1,000 to 1,300 sharks per hour.

Cooking sharks earns how much XP per hour?

Cooking fish (levels 30–99)

Levels Fish XP/h (about)
30–40 Tuna 85k–100k
40–62 Lobster 120k–165k
62–80 Monkfish 165k–200k
80–84 Shark 275k–285k, with a chance of reaching 300k if no one is killed.

What does it cost to get 99 to cook?

If you cook in the Hosidius kitchen from level 70 to 99, you may expect to earn roughly 9 million dollars. You may expect to earn roughly 4 million dollars if you start at level 30 when you unlock them and progress all the way to 99, although your xp rates will be reduced for a time while you’re burning a lot of them.