In the land of Tamriel, there are many places to explore and find unique gems that you can use in your inventory. This includes abandoned mines, crypts and ruins, as well as animals such as mammoths or saber cats.

The “skyrim stones of barenziah reward” is a quest that must be completed in order to unlock the “Barenziah’s Glory”. The reward for completing the quest is a ring called “The Stones of Barenziah”, which has an enchantment that makes it impossible to be damaged by any weapon.

Where can I find all the unusual gems in Skyrim?

Winterhold College (Arch-Mages room)

What happens if you come upon a plethora of odd gems?

You deliver all 24 Unusual Gems to Vex after collecting them all, which are eventually renamed Stones of Barenziah once you present one to Vex. After that, she’ll send you on a journey to Tovald’s Cave to locate the Crown of Barenziah.

Where have all of Barenziah’s 24 stones gone?


# Hold Location
21 Whiterun Whiterun Catacombs – Whiterun Hall of the Dead
22 Winterhold Arch-Quarters, Mage’s Winterhold College
23 Winterhold Cave of Hob’s Fall
24 Winterhold Yngvild – Throne Room of Yngvild

Who can tell whether a gem is unusual?

Vex Simply inquire about the diamond after you are in Riften. The Dragonborn will eventually be prompted to talk with Vex, a Thieves’ Guild member who discloses that the strange stone is a Stone of Barenziah, and that there are a total of 24 of them.

What race does Skyrim vex?


annoyance (RefID: 00028938)
Home City Riften
Location The Ragged Flagon (Ragged Flagon)
Race Imperial Female
Level PC1 (range: 10 to 50) Thief

What are Skyrim’s peculiar stones?

Barenziah Stones are unique jewels discovered in Skyrim. Finding one of these stones triggers a new side mission, Bring the Unusual Gem to an Appraiser, in which one of these stones must be recognized by one of many appraisers, two of which are Maul in Riften and Vex, a member of The Thieves’ Guild in Riften.

What are the Skyrim gems?

Precious stones may be found all around Skyrim. Diamond, Emerald, Sapphire, Ruby, Amethyst, and Garnet are the most valuable gemstones, listed from top to bottom in clockwise order. Gems are a kind of item that may be discovered in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. They’re an important part in making jewelry.

Is there a use for jewels in Skyrim?

Gemstones are precious stones that are used to make jewelry. They may be obtained as random loot or while mining mineral veins. Soul gems, which are specific sorts of gems used for soul trapping, are described on a separate page.

In Skyrim, where is the thief stone?

The Thief Stone may be found north of Sercen and southeast of Bleaker’s Way, on the Silver Road that connects the Imperial City to Bruma.