Feeding in a video game, or more generally anything with the term “feed,” usually refers to receiving experience points which can be used for character development and progression. This is how some games like League of Legends function.,

The “intentional feeding mobile legends” is a term used for players who deliberately feed the enemy team. The term was popularized by the mobile game Mobile Legends.

What does feeding mean lol?

What exactly does the term “feeding” imply?

aiding the adversary

What does the term “integer” signify in gaming?


In lol, what does FF stand for?

Surrender Surrender vote in process is the narrative. Surrendering is a vote that allows a team to leave a game early. By entering /surrender, /ff, /concede, or /forfeit in chat, or by selecting the “Surrender” button in the options menu, a player may request a surrender vote.

In Overwatch, can you get banned for smurfing?

Smurfing isn’t exactly forbidden in Overwatch right now. Players may create new accounts and participate at any level of the game as long as they do not boost or throw. Because players might be penalised based on a large number of complaints, prohibiting smurfing could easily lead to misuse of the report system.

Is it possible to get banned for smurfing in siege?

This is, indeed, a punishable violation. So you can be banned for being a smurf, but can you be punished for being diamond and hopping on an alt account that you maintain at plat 1? To stay as far away from cheaters as possible.

Is it possible to get banned for using Valorant?

Any teams that engage in such behavior will undoubtedly be penalised, whether via a temporary suspension from certain events or a permanent ban. However, tossing a match is not banned in typical matches, and it is more related to “toxic behavior.”

Is it possible to have two Valorant accounts?

Yes, you are permitted to do so. You may make as many new accounts as you like without having to enter another email address. Because Valorant is a free-to-play game, Riot makes it incredibly simple to register a new account.

Is it possible for me to Smurf in Valorant?

Valorant is a free-to-play game, thus anybody may join up and create new accounts at no cost. Players that wish to smurf don’t have to pay anything. Players may also smurf easily since there is no mobile authentication or anything to prohibit them from playing competitively on many accounts.

Smurf accounts are permitted in Valorant.

It is truly permitted since it does not violate any ToS requirements. And no, that isn’t possible in all games. If they catch you smurfing in Dota 2, you receive the banhammer.

Why do players with a high ELO smurf?

If a player has a high enough elo, they may manufacture smurfs. If they want to play a new champ, or with lesser elo pals, or without the pressure that comes with their high-ranked accounts on lolnexus and the like, they may.

What does a blue Smurf look like?

Ice should be added to a glass. First, add the vodka, then the curaçao, a dash of lime juice, and a splash of Sprite. Mix thoroughly. Cheers! . J Winters’ How to Make a Blue Smurf.

What exactly is cuckoo smurfing?

unlawful tax evasion

What exactly is a Gem Pack of drugs?

One of the ways heroin is marketed on the street is in “gem packs” or “dime bags.”

What’s the objective of drug jargon?

The following is a collection of often used and heard words on the street. Measure: Point. It’s a term for methamphetamine. Meth may be sold in increments as little as a tenth of a gram – the equal of one point. As a result, one gram equals ten points.

In terms of drugs, what is a 3.5?

An eighth of an ounce (varying from 3 to 3.5 grams) of an illicit narcotic, most often cocaine, is known as an 8 ball (also known as eight ball).

What is the cost of a cent a day cocaine habit?

As Myridon points out, medications did not cost five cents or even five dollars even 40 years ago. “Nickel-a-day coke habit” is slang for someone who consumes a substantial quantity of cocaine on a daily basis and hence must resurface to get additional narcotics. As a result, I agree that it’s most likely either $50 or $500.