It is not always easy to deal with junk games, but you have a few options. If the game disc has some value or if it can be resold for cash and then returned to the original owner, I would suggest selling the product for cash on eBay or Amazon in order
and then giving your friend back whatever he was given. (if there are friends that don’t mind.)
If you want more ideas, check out this blog post about how trading old video game discs online might bring in a little extra spending money:

The “what to do with junk rs3” is a question about what to do with the old and unwanted RS3 game. The answer is that you should sell it or trade it for cash.

What do I do with junk rs3?

What am I going to do with this rs3 garbage?

Junk is a resource that may be utilized in the Invention skill. The chances of acquiring trash as a component is determined by the junk chance of items that can be dismantled. When you use the Analyze ability on an object, a % risk of acquiring garbage through disassembly is shown….

Rarity Other
Level 1
Experience 0

What is the best way to sell Runescape junk?

Right-click an Exchange Clerk (in blue, in the middle) and choose “Exchange.” A screen with six boxes for purchasing and selling will appear (two if you are a free player). When you click on a box, you’ll see two additional boxes, one for buying and one for selling an item.

In Runescape, how can you acquire clear parts?

Making empty light spheres from molten glass is a good approach to get transparent components. Operating a Desert amulet of tier 2 or above with soda ash in your inventory is an inexpensive way to get molten glass. Unpowered orbs are another good source.

In Runescape, how can you obtain clockwork components?

Clockwork components are an uncommon kind of material that may be utilized in the Invention skill. Discovering them at an Inventor’s workbench and using them in a gadget requires Level 55 Invention; however, this level is not necessary to acquire them.

What is the best way to get oldak coils?

The Oldak coil is a cave goblin technology tree gadget that is unlocked after completing the quest Death to the Dorgeshuun and needs level 70 Invention to activate.

What’s the best way to get rid of a gadget without ruining it?

The equipment separator is a gadget found at Invention level 115. It may be used on enhanced objects with an equipment level of 15 or above to remove the gizmos without harming the gizmos or the item, although it will destroy the separator in the process.

How can you get valuable components?

Rare resources are employed in the Invention skill, and precious components are one of them. Crafting and dismantling a ring of killing, which takes a gold bar and an enchanted gem, is an inexpensive way to gain enormous numbers of costly components.

What’s the best way to collect fungal components?

Pustulent and more sophisticated than you’d think. In the Invention skill, fungus components are uncommon resources. Level 54 Invention is needed to find them on an Inventor’s workbench and utilize them in a gizmo, but it is not necessary to get them.

In Runescape, how can you produce a divine charge?

Making divine charges costs four game ticks each divine charge. Using a Divine-o-matic vacuum, which generates filled divine charges while collecting divine energy, is another approach to make a divine charge. Each heavenly charge would provide a profit of 93,858 coins.

In RuneScape, what are the garbage cutoff points?

This level is also used to calculate the disassembly experience of the item. At the very least, an item’s level is 1. Augmented things with a level of 4 or above have a 0% chance of becoming garbage. The calculation for trash probability differs dramatically at two unique cutoff points: 75 and 90.

In RuneScape, how does the garbage refiner work?

The trash refiner is a machine that turns garbage into refined components at a 100:1 ratio. It will explode after purifying a certain amount of garbage, which is determined by the user’s degree of invention (see below). Higher Invention levels enable the gadget to produce more refined components before exploding, up to 20 at level 120 and beyond.

What exactly do you mean when you say “junk trade” in RuneScape?

A recent modification has a huge impact on junk trading. This page has been kept to offer information about previous RuneScape features. Junk trading is a practice in which traders employ products with a high GE value but a low street value to balance an otherwise uneven deal.

In RuneScape, where can I purchase crashed junk?

In most circumstances, crashed garbage may be purchased on the Grand Exchange for the lowest feasible price and then used in a transaction for a medium price.

What is the most efficient technique to get garbage in RuneScape?

Disassembling objects with a high possibility of being junk and a lot of materials, such as bronze 2h swords and shortbows, is a good way to get a lot of trash. A calculator for similar products may be found here. Maple logs (or other commodities that aren’t ideal for trash) may also be dismantled to get basic pieces with rubbish as a byproduct.

In RuneScape, what is the cheapest thing to purchase?

Shieldbows are the quickest and Egg whisks are the cheapest at the time of making this statement (all presuming you buy them at the current GE guide price). Off-hand bronze longswords seem to be rather excellent; they sell for 6.16gp per junk, or 18,984 junk each hour, assuming you can purchase a reasonable number of them.

In RuneScape, how does garbage chance reduction work?

The decrease in junk chance is a simple multiplier of the basic junk probability, which is provided by This indicates that junk chance reduction benefits things with a greater junk chance far more than those with a lower junk probability. The update history project is still in its early stages, thus not all changes to this subject may be included here.

Which of the following is an example of a garbage item?

Junk things are goods with prices that are frequently higher than their true worth, owing to a lack of demand for the item. Low-level unstrung bows are a good illustration of this. The logs used to make unstrung bows may be purchased for a fraction of the price of the unstrung bow.