LoliRock, a popular anime and video game with over 5 million subscribers on YouTube is in limbo due to allegations of child pornography by the Australian Federal Police. The developer has had his channel taken down but nobody knows if there will be any more episodes or not.

Is there Season 3 in LoliRock?

Is there a third season of LoliRock?

The series is available on Amazon Prime Video and Netflix France as of 2021, with no plans for a third season.

When will LoliRock Season 3 be released?

There have been rumors that LoliRock would be released in the spring of 2018, then November of 2018, and now February 21st, 2019.

Is there a film about LoliRock?

LoliRock: the Movie (also known as LoliRock: Le Film in French) is a 2017 French animated fantasy comedy film directed by Jean-Louis Vandestoc and released on September 17, 2017 in France. The film is based on the LoliRock television series.

What are LoliRock’s iris abilities?

Abilities of the Magical. Iris boasts excellent magical abilities and is capable of casting complex spells on her own. She also has a lot of physical strength and agility, since she can sprint up the vertical crystal wall, leap off it, and smash the crystal with her fist.

Is LoliRock available on Amazon Prime Video?

LoliRock is available on Prime Video.

What is Iris’ mother’s name in Lolirock?

The Queen of Ephedia is the mother of Iris, the ruler of Ephedia prior to Gramorr’s invasion and usurpation of the kingdom.

In Lolirock, who plays Talia’s sister?

Izira’s pattern is similar to Talia’s, except instead of a single diamond, she has three, which might reflect her high degree of magic. Chiara Zanni, who also voices Daring Do/A.K., provides the voice of Izira.

Princess Talia, who is she?

Princess Talia is one of LoliRock’s three primary magical characters. She is the Princess of Xeris, Izira’s younger sister, and a member of the LoliRock band, where she made closest friends with Iris and Auriana when Iris was chosen as the band’s main vocalist.

Talia Princess of Xeris is how old?


My Rating  
Ephedian Period 50
Weapon Xeris’s Wand
Magic Magical Crystals
Occupation Ephedian,princess,singer

Is Lolirock a legitimate group?

Iris, Talia, and Auriana are all members of Lolirock, a rock/pop female band.

Is Doug a fan of auriana Lolirock?

Doug has been said to have a crush on Auriana. In “Smart,” Doug came dangerously close to uncovering the girls’ secret. He is the first non-LoliRock member to enter the Rehearsal Studio. He is shown using his old phone till “Loli-Lime Sublime,” despite obtaining a new phone in “Smart.”

Who is Lolirock’s most powerful princess?

Talia’s elder sister from Xeris, Izira (voiced by Chiara Zanni in the English version, Jessica Monceau in the French version). She is a strong, responsible, and intellectual princess who wields a significant deal of authority. Since Gramorr’s assault on Xeris, Talia has lost track of her.

Who is Lolirock’s most beautiful princess?

Who Is Lolirock’s Best Princess?

  • 24.1 percent Iris
  • Auriana has an 18.5 percent chance of winning.
  • Talia has a 38.9% chance of winning.
  • Lyna has a 9.3% chance of winning.
  • Crassia has a population of 9.2 percent.

Iris becomes wicked in which episode?

Iris’ altered condition into the wicked form is known as Evil Iris. She can only be seen wearing this dress in episode 12. It reveals her dark aspect, which is contrasted with her beautiful hues.