Janna is an upcoming champion from League of Legends. The top ranked assassin within the game uses her shuriken throwing darts to kill opponents and ward off incoming threats, giving her team a major advantage for victory.

Is Janna good lol? is a question that has been asked many times. The answer is yes, she is good.

Is Janna good lol?

Is Janna all right?

Janna presently has the best victory rate of any champion in the game, regardless of role. According to League of Legends data website Champion.gg, she currently has a 56.5 percent victory rate in solo and flex queue. Her play rate is now at 18 percent, which is the second highest of any other support.

Is Janna a simple woman?

Janna is, in my opinion, one of the more difficult enchanter supports, but she is also the queen of disengagement. You should be able to fit her into lanes like Leona, Nautilus, and Thresh with fair ease, in my opinion. Holding your tornado for engagements is clearly your best option, as you just said.

What’s the best way to strike Leona E?

The way you beat Morg as Leona is by switching targets after you Zenith a target. If you E Morg > Q her ADC. If you E her ADC then turn around and stun Morgana. Either way you’re locking somebody out of doing damage for a while, which is the biggest thing about Leona’s kit.

Is Leona Top a feasible option?

No, it’s not practical; unless you’re in a DuoQ with a babysitting jungler, in which case anything is possible. People have tried and failed terribly to elevate supports like Braum, Alistar, and Leona to the top. Taric top would be a better option.

Leona, what do you max on?

Leona’s skill upgrading sequence is extremely basic. Her Eclipse (W) should be maxed first, followed by her Zenith Blade (E), and then her Shield of Daybreak (Q).

Which ADC works well with Leona?

Any adc with the ability to go hard early on and provide some form of cc. If you can land a trap, Cait is a good choice, especially for her q, which has a large range. Almost anything will work. Some of my favorite characters include Lucian, Cait, MF, and Draven.

Who is interested in Leona?

Even if Leona hits her E, Thresh, Alistar, and Janna can all prevent Leona from landing her stun, albeit all three disengages require expertise.

Is Leona a fan of JHIN?

Jhin and Leona are very good. What you should truly do is consider the matchups and the entire circumstance. All-ins can be won by Leona and Jhin, but it depends on who they’re up against, player levels, minions, and where the junglers are. Jhin has an excellent waveclear and a fair amount of poke.

Who is Leona’s strongest opponent?


What is Leona’s flaw?

Leona is vulnerable to the bottom. There are currently 8 comments. How to deal with Leona in the role of Morgana.

Does Leona have an answer for Rell?

Leona normally accumulates around the same amount of CS as Rell. Champs who don’t earn many minion kills on average don’t need a lot of CS to be valuable.

Is ZYRA a good counter against Leona?

In 57.3 percent of her rounds, Zyra is forced to fight Leona. Zyra performs well against Leona. Normally, Zyra wins 50.0 percent of the matches in which the champions face off. In Zyra vs. Leona matchups, Zyra’s side has a 5.0 percent lower chance of getting first blood.

How do you go up against Rell?

How do you go up against Rell?

  1. Make the most of your range.
  2. Knock-ups and interruptions should be saved for her W.
  3. In the lane, don’t stand on top of each other.
  4. When she goes missing, ping her.
  5. In the forest, avoid fighting.
  6. Her cheese tactics are to be respected.

With whom does JHIN work best?

1: Jhin works well with champions with ranged abilities and attacks, like as Sona, Annie, and Velkoz, to trigger his W stun. 2: Supports like Blitzcrank and Leona must synchronize their combinations with the number of shots left in Jhin’s combo since he has a fixed attack speed.

Is JHIN compatible with Lulu?

Because Jhin and Lulu both have a lot of burst, their lane is very powerful. Lulu is one of the strongest late-game supports to have to keep Jhin alive.

Who has a nice JHIN synergy?

If you want to demolish lane and carry hard with Jhin, the best supports are Thresh/Pyke/Alistar/Zyra. If they have a passive laner like Vayne or Twitch, Alistar or Thresh, or even Blitz, are viable options. Morgana, brand, nami if up against an early strong laner.

Is Tresh compatible with JHIN?

This champion combination is rather frequent. In 85.0 percent of his rounds, Jhin is forced to fight Thresh. Thresh has been effectively countered by Jhin. On average, Jhin wins 52.0 percent of the matches in which the champions compete.

Is Ardent beneficial to JHIN?

You may give Jhin a huge indirect AD boost by using Ardent Censer, which offers +20–+35 percent AS to each healed in addition to the lifesteal.

Is ardent censer beneficial to self-healing?

Ardent Censer is an item that boosts a champion’s healing and shielding abilities while also dealing on-hit damage and increasing attack speed to those they protect.

What exactly does a zealous censor do?

Ardent Censer is a support item that provides a few important stats (AP, mana regeneration, CDR, movement speed), but the great draw is that it grants 20–35 percent more attack speed to anybody who has those shields or heals applied, as well as draining 20–35 health as added magic damage on-hit.

Is it true that ardent stacks?

It implies it won’t stack with subsequent purchases of the same item from Ardent/ Mikael’s.