There are many members of the community, including Horde and Alliance, who have been asking this question for a long time. Blizzard changed their race dialogue to be more inclusive in order to include all races.

In the “wow barber shop gender change” quest, you will be asked to change your character’s gender. The game does not have an option to choose between male and female genders.

Does wow race change include gender?

Is gender a factor in amazing racial changes?

Race Alter, as well as Appearance Change and Faction Change, allow you to change your gender.

Is it possible to alter your gender in Shadowlands?

Blizzard has revealed that players will be able to alter the gender of their characters for free in the forthcoming World of Warcraft Shadowlands expansion. According to executive producer John Hight, the gender transition is now a paid service, but that will change in Shadowlands.

Is it possible to alter your race in Shadowlands?

You can buy a Race Alter to change a character’s race but not their faction. All purchases are final, and the only way to undo the procedure is to purchase another Race Change following a three-day cooling off period.

If you switch races, would you still be able to receive legacy armor?

You’ll receive the Heritage Armor set if you level up an Allied Race character without using boosting, faction/race switching, or having levels provided to you via the Recruit-A-Friend program.

Will I be able to keep my heritage armor if I change races?

Once you’ve earned a set of legacy armor for a certain race, you’ll be able to use it on any characters of that race indefinitely. It won’t shift to a new racial heritage set if your faction or race changes, and you won’t be able to utilize it on characters of other races.

In Shadowlands, will allied races be unlocked?

Each Allied Race has its own emote, horse, heritage armor set, and racial ability, as well as a distinct appearance. Completing a questline that may be unlocked by achieving certain milestones is required to access Allied Races.

Is it worthwhile to join forces with other races?

If you think they’re cool, they’re worth it. I just unlocked the Nightborne and am in love with my new character. I like their mythology, their looks, and even the way they run and ride their magnificent manasaber horse. That, in my opinion, is sufficient motivation to release an allied race.