The upcoming movie, Warcraft: The Beginning follows in the footsteps of its predecessor, with a few alterations.

The “Warcraft movie” is a video game based on the Warcraft series. The film is set in the World of Warcraft universe, but does it follow lore?

Does Warcraft movie follow lore?

Is the Warcraft movie based on the lore?

The Warcraft film universe is a parallel world to the main Warcraft universe. The film’s mythology is similar yet distinct. It was simplified in order to make it more user-friendly. Character personalities are similar, with somewhat different backstories.

Is there going to be a sequel to the Warcraft film?

Duncan Jones is a British actor., the film’s director, made some comments regarding sequels in previous years, which was another factor that piqued the audience’s interest in the sequel. However, according to the most recent reports, Warcraft 2 will not be published.

What is the setting of the Warcraft film?

Azeroth’s world Warcraft (also known as Warcraft: The Beginning) is a 2016 fantasy epic film set in the land of Azeroth and based on the Warcraft series.

What is the plot of the Warcraft film?

Warcraft (sometimes spelled Warcraft: The Beginning) is a 2016 American action fantasy film based on the Warcraft video game franchise… . Warcraft is a role-playing game (film)

Produced by Duncan Jones is a British actor.
authored by Duncan Jones Charles Leavitt is a British actor.
Based on Blizzard Entertainment’s Warcraft

In the Warcraft film, who is the baby?

Thrall That infant is Thrall, Durotan’s son and the Horde’s future warchief. He is reared among humans as a gladiator and a slave in the games’ legend, but ultimately escapes and climbs through the orcish ranks to become the boss of all.

What was Medivh’s motivation for bringing orcs to Azeroth?

He informed them that if they ever intended to destroy the Burning Legion and escape its taint, they needed to stop fighting. He revealed that he was Medivh, the Last Guardian of Tirisfal, and that it was he who brought the orcs to Azeroth, and therefore the Burning Legion.

Is Medivh Garona the father of Medivh Garona?

Medivh (Ben Foster) has given birth to a child (Garona). This was most likely picked up on by the general public. They have no reason to question Garona’s assertion that she is half-orc, half-human.

Why are certain orcs in the Warcraft film green?

All of the original orcs had brown skin, ranging from a bark-like brown to a reddish-brown color. Because to the nature of orcish fel magic, all adjacent orcs, even those that resist warlock magic, become green and gain bulk (though it’s unclear why Mag’har orcs are so much larger than Durotar orcs in World of Warcraft).

Is Garona Medivh the mother of Garona Medivh’s child?

Parentage. Garona’s parents are clearly half orc and half human in the film, not half draenei. Garona is also indicated to be Medivh’s daughter in the film, but the novelization proves it.

What is the name of Draka’s son?

Location Maldraxxus
Status Active
Relative(s) Rhakish (paternal grandfather) Kelkar and Zuura (parents) Lokra (sister, fate unknown) Garad and Geyah (parents-in-law) Durotan (mate) Ga’nar, Fenris Wolfbrother, Karg Bloodfury (brothers-in-law) Thrall (son) Aggra (daughter-in-law) Durak & Rehze (grandchildren)