Killua is a main character in the anime “Hunter X Hunter”, but his fate after the events of episode 222 has been left up for debate. Does Killua die?

Killua is a character in the anime “Hunter x Hunter”. He has been killed off and resurrected many times. However, he does not die in every episode.

Does killua die in the show?

Is Killua going to die in the show?

Killua does not die, though he comes dangerously near in episode 100; at the conclusion of the series, Killua and Gon part ways so Killua may care for Alluka; and everyone who was meant to die has died.

Is Feitan capable of defeating Kurapika?

Feitan was the only person strong enough to battle and destroy a Chimera Ant Squadron Leader. Kurapika, unfortunately for him, is unstoppable when confronted by members of the Phantom Troupe, which means that no matter how powerful Feitan is, he has no chance against him.

Who is the more powerful, Hisoka or Illumi?

With skilled nen users, the result of a combat in HXH is not as obvious as in other battle comics. Hisoka is somewhat stronger in my perspective (he awarded Illumi a 95 out of 100 rating), but I don’t believe he would win ten bouts out of ten versus Illumi.

Does Illumi have a fear of hisoka?

Illumi isn’t terrified of Hisoka, and he’s certainly not inferior to him. Illumi like to go at his own speed, and if he believes it is not the correct moment to fight someone, he will not do so. Because of the narrative, Hisoka seemed to be superior than Illumi in the Hunter Exam arc.

Is Illumi and Hisoka a couple?

Illumi and Hisoka have gotten engaged. Here are some lovely photos from their time together. The audience is being suffocated by Illumi and Hisoka’s fluff. That’s Illumi and Hisoka as they appear in the anime.

Why didn’t Hisoka engage in combat with Illumi?

Because illumi does not want to engage in combat with him. The Zoldycks only engage in combat they are confident in winning, and illumi is unlikely to fight Hisoka for no cause. Hisoka was weighing his choices, one of which was to murder Killua in order to drive Illumi insane; he didn’t want to battle a bloodthirsty Illumi.

Is Killua capable of defeating Goku?

Killua could kill him in a second, but Goku could utilize Instant Transmission to flee. I believe they would battle for a long time, but neither of them would “win.” Killua is more powerful and has greater potential.