Alolan Vulpix is a normal Pokemon with an exclusive design. The rarest of the rare, these creatures have only been seen in certain areas and you can encounter them by traveling to those locations.

The “how to get alolan vulpix” is a question that has been asked before. The answer is yes, you can get the Alolan Vulpix in Sword.

Can you get Alolan vulpix in sword?

Is it possible to get an Alolan Vulpix in blade form?

In Pokemon Sword and Shield, Alolan Vulpix is not catchable. It’s only possible to get it via trade. To discover how to trade Pokemon in Sword and Shield, go here.

Is it true that Alolan ninetales aren’t good fighters?

Ninetales (Alola Form) is an Ice/Fairy type Pokémon, making it particularly vulnerable to Steel techniques, as well as Fire, Poison, and Rock.

What kind of vulpix does vulpix become?


What is the best way to level up my vulpix sword?

Yes, you must discover a Fire Stone in order to evolve your Vulpix, and once you do, regardless of level, it will develop into a Ninetails.

Is it possible for ninetales to learn moves via leveling up?

Moves to Level Up Here are all of Ninetales’ moves after leveling up. Anything marked “Evo.” indicates that it will learn it as it evolves. It may be relearned in a Pokémon Center if the level is 1.

In Soul Silver, how can you develop vulpix?


  1. You must use it on the vulpix; just owning it will not enough. Go to your inventory and choose the fire stone, then use it on the vulpix.
  2. Simply click on the fire stone and choose “use,” and it will take you to your Pokemon, where it will tell you whether or not it can evolve.

Is it possible for Ninetales Mega to evolve?

Mega Ninetales is a dual-type Pokemon that can be either Fire or Ghost. If you possess a(n) Mist Stone, it develops from Ninetales at night. If a(n) Mist Stone is held, it develops from Humanoid Ninetales at night…. Height.

4’11” 1.5 m
0’0″ 0 m

Is it possible for ninetales to learn Moonblast?

Ninetails can learn both freeze dry and moonblast, according to Bulpapedia, although it doesn’t supply any breeding pokemon yet. What are the most efficient methods for completing this pre-pokebank? Moonblast may be obtained by breeding it with Sylvion or Primarina. You can’t get freeze dry on it right now unless you have bank.