The guards in Skyrim are voiced by Rode, an artist that has been working on the game since it was first released. When players enter a city or dungeon and encounter one of these guards, they will be asked to wait before being allowed to proceed. These guards will then say “Wait I know you” when pointing at your character’s face while looking into their eyes with their rusted finger extended

The “wait i know you skyrim bug” is a glitch that has been present for quite some time. The guards in the game will say wait I know you? when they see the player character.

Why do the guards in Skyrim say wait I know you?

Why do guards in Skyrim remark, “Wait, I recognize you?”

Because you have a reward on your head and they know who you are because to reports, posters, or some other ostensible system. They still speak the phrase if your reward is below the auto-attack level, but they won’t attempt to arrest you until you initiate the dialogue.

In Skyrim, how do I keep guards from assaulting me?

The guards will not attack if you use a powerful enough Calm spell, however chatting to them will result in an arrest attempt. Another technique is to hit an innocent person while keeping your fists up and then attempting to surrender again.

Why do guards target me at random in Skyrim?

Member of the team. This frequently occurs when someone witnesses you committing a serious act, such as unprovoked assault or murder. They shouldn’t be hostile against you if you leave the Hold with the reward (there should be one on you) and return after a period (roughly 48 hours).

What happens if I kill all of Skyrim’s guards?

You can kill all of the guards, but they will respawn eventually.

What can I do to have the Markarth guards stop assaulting me?

Attacking Thalmor is treated the same as any other crime. However, talking to them until they commence fight is OK. Simply go, wait a few days, and return. They should simply state that you have the option of paying your reward or facing prison time.

Should I slit the nose of nepos?

He will emerge at the Temple of Talos if he is not slain throughout the mission, assaulting the Dragonborn on sight. If the Dragonborn flees Nepos’ mansion and assaults them in public, the guards will not interfere.

Is it possible for you to kill Thonar silver blood?

If the Dragonborn surrender Markarth to the Stormcloaks and recover it for the Imperial Legion during the Civil War, Betrid is slain, Thonar may be killed during or after “No One Escapes Cidhna Mine,” and Thongvor can be banished from The Reach.

In Skyrim, what do you say to the guards?

“Traveler, keep an eye on the sky.” “It’s been said that Ulfric Stormcloak assassinated the High King… with his voice!” “I yelled at him!” “Regardless of what happens, the guards will be eternally thankful for what you’ve done.” “Are you sure, Dovahkiin?” “How may I assist you?” Finish the main quest. “Anything you need, Dragonborn.” “Simply utter the word.”

In Skyrim, where can you locate the guard dialogue?

Before Bleak Falls Barrow is finished, guards in Whiterun have this conversation. “Stormcloaks, Imperials, and dragons,” says the narrator. It makes no difference to me who I murder. “Let them in.” Guards for Whiterun before and during the Battle for Whiterun (Sided with the Legion). “A man/woman approaches with his/her weapon drawn, the guard may get uneasy…”

In Elder Scrolls Online, when do hold guards level up?

Keep your Guards leveled up with the Dragonborn until you reach level 50. This implies that the Hold Guards are very strong at level 50 and can easily take on a dragon. However, this makes it more difficult to kill them in order to steal their distinctive armor sets.

In Skyrim, why are the Markarth guards assaulting me?

So far, everything has gone well. Then, from inside the Dwemer museum, I enter Calcelmos’ laboratory. There are hostile Wizard Guards over there who are attacking me. It’s also odd that Lydia, who is meant to assist me, constantly telling me that I shouldn’t be there and refuses to follow my orders.