World of Warcraft is a massively multiplayer online role playing game created by Blizzard Entertainment, originally released in 2004. It has had nine expansions since then and still plays an important part in the company’s profitability today. The official website says that WoW accounts can be deleted through their account deletion tool.
The guide on deleting your WoW folder will vary depending on which server you’re currently logged into., so make sure to check for those before getting started if you want to delete all of them at once!

The “wow delete data folder” is a question that I get asked all the time. This is a list of folders you can delete to free up space on your computer.

What WoW folders can I delete?

What WoW folders am I allowed to delete?

Cache, WTF, and Interface are generally the ones that can be deleted (Interface contains addons, and WTF, I think, is account logins). Screenshots may be deleted, or they could be posted to and subsequently deleted. So, except for Data, remove all of the folders in there.

What is the best way to totally reset ElvUI?

If you wish to completely reset ElvUI, close WoW, go to your What the hell is this folder?, and remove “ElvUI. lua” and “ElvUI. lua. bak,” then restart WoW.

Is it possible to turn off ElvUI?

Locate your account and open the appropriate folder. A folder called SavedVariables will appear. Delete anything that says ELVUI in there. That should take care of it.

Is it possible to upgrade ElvUI without losing my settings?

You may download and update addons stored on this website using the Tukui Windows client. If you’re concerned about losing settings, export your profile on a regular basis and store it someplace.

Is ElvUI updated by Curseforge?

Part 1: ElvUI Download ElvUI is not available on the known Twitch Client, as you may have noticed, unlike other WoW addons (Curseforge). You have two choices for downloading and updating your ElvUI after you’ve arrived at the website.

How can I export my ElvUI profile?

Start by visiting to the ElvUI Config’s “Profiles” area, then clicking either the “Export Profile” or “Import Profile” option, depending on your needs. By default, the export frame is configured to transmit your profile in text format.

How do I save my ElvUI preferences?

Log into your first character and export your private settings (elvui – profiles – export profile – pick private settings at the bottom left) to a text file. Then create a new profile with a generic name, copy the settings from your previous profile using “Copy From,” and import the private settings once again.

What happened to the ElvUI profile folder?

Go to your WoW folder > What the hell is this folder? > Account > “Your account name” > SavedVariables > copy all the ElvUI files and have him paste them into his SavedVariables folder. That should do give him access to the “Copy From” drop down menu to every profile you’ve made on that that particular account with Elvui.

What is the What the hell is this folder? in World of Warcraft?

Addons are saved in the InterfaceAddons folder for the game version, while game settings are saved in the What the hell is this folder?.

Tukui profiles are stored where?

What the hell is this folder?

What is the best way to preserve Tukui settings?

Select “Private” from the “Export Profile” drop-down menu and click “Export.” You wish to import the exported text into character B. After transferring private settings to another character, you may either pick a profile or duplicate it, depending on whether you want the changes to effect several characters.

What’s the best way to obtain ElvUI?

Steps to install: Delete the folders ‘ElvUI’ and ‘ElvUI Options’ in your ‘World of Warcraft retail InterfaceAddOns’. ElvUI dev version may be downloaded here: Click bravely. Open the zip file ‘elvui-development. zip’ you just downloaded (don’t extract it yet).

In ElvUI, how can I create a new profile?

If you merely want a different layout or ElvUI settings between your two profiles, you can simply create a new profile in the “Profiles” area and then choose your primary profile from the “Copy From” box. You now have two profiles with the same settings.

How can I apply an ElvUI profile to a different character?

ElvUI Profile settings may be used to copy a character profile to another. Make a profile that suits your requirements, go into another character, run through ElvUI install if it prompts you, then go to ElvUI Profiles, choose the character you want to clone the profile from from the ‘Copy from’ dropdown option.

What’s the difference between TukUI and ElvUI?

If you know LUA, both are insanely customisable. ElvUI features a fairly comprehensive in-game configuration. TukUI, on the other hand, does not. To make TukUI appear the way you want it to, you’ll need to know LUA.