Emotes are a way to express yourself or remember an event in the game. They can be used during gameplay, such as party hats and victory hand symbols. For more information on how emotes work in Warcraft, visit Wowhead’s Emote page for details about each emote.

The “wow custom emotes” is a command that allows users to use their own custom emote. The command can be typed in the chat, or it can be found under the “/custom” text.

How to use wow emotes?

How do you utilize emotes in World of Warcraft?

Using the /e or /me slash commands, you may build your own emotes, which will send a message to surrounding players that begins with your name and ends with the action you write (or anything else you might type). Entering: /e scrabbles in the dirt, for example, if your name is Thrall.

How do you type custom emotes in World of Warcraft?

You can create your own emotes by starting the emote using the slash command /e, /em & /me. /e, /em & /me always starts the emote with your name just like the default emotes.

In Overwatch, how do you say hello?

To use the communication wheel to conduct emotes in the game, just click it. You may accomplish this by pressing C on your keyboard or pressing down on the d-pad. Then you choose one of the alternatives, and you’ll be greeting folks, announcing your Ultimate, and striking a stance in no time.

How do you make a wow wave?

Slash Command and Emotes For example, type /wave and click enter. Your character will wave to the open air, as indicated by a message. This is referred to as an emote. It’s one of several different types of slash instructions.

What are the many types of wow emotes?

The following is a list of emotes.

Command Emote Anim Selecting a Target
/amaze   You are awestruck by.
/angry x You clench your hand in rage towards.
/apologize   You express regret to. Sorry!
/applause/applause/applause/applause/applause/applause x You give a standing ovation at. Bravo!

In Overwatch, how do you express “understood”?

F is the “Understood/Agree” command by default. Almost every voice line, including Ultimate Status, Health Needed, Hellos, and Voice Lines, may be “agreed” with.

In Overwatch, how do you express gratitude?

A sign of “Acknowledge” emerges over their heads. Thanks: When the hero expresses gratitude, the chat displays “Thank you!” or “Thanks!” alongside the player’s nickname.

In WOW, how do you say things?

To use either command, write /s or /y followed by a space, your message, and then enter once again to send your words out to others around you.

In Gorgoth, how do you wave?

  1. By hovering your mouse over the non-player character “Gor’Groth,” you may tag him.
  2. Click on the entry box in the chat window, or hit the Enter key on your keyboard, while targeting Gor’Groth. Type the following sequence of letters in the input field: /wave.
  3. On your keyboard, press Enter.

In WOW, how do you wave to someone?

Slash Command and Emotes For example, type /wave and click enter. Your character will wave to the open air, as indicated by a message. This is referred to as an emote.

In Overwatch, what does TP stand for?

For new players to the game, x Teleporter Overwatch slang/lingo/jargon/terms.

. Definition from the beginning
counterpick To counter another hero, a hero must be chosen.
Splash dmg x aoe Damage done across a large region is known as an area of effect.
TP x Teleporter
a carwash, a microwave, and a morgue Many sym turrets, such as the spray she has

In Overwatch, how do you express sorry and no?

The first step is to go to the game’s settings menu and choose the Controls tab. You’ll see a new section with the Communication Wheel choices as you scroll down the menu. You may choose a certain communication-specific voice line to have on your wheel from this menu.

In World of Warcraft, how do you utilize emotes?

Click into your main chat command window or just press the slash / key to use an emote. Start by entering the slash command / followed by the emoticon you wish to use while focusing on your main window. To call someone a chicken, just target them and write /chicken; the font will default to orange to indicate an emotion.

Which emoticon is used to target someone by default?

When it comes to targeting someone or anything for default emotes, all you have to do is either click on the target or write /tar, then use the slash command default emote.

In a custom emote, where does the ” @ ” go?

NOTE: Because the “@” isn’t a [Target] variable, attaching it to a custom emote just outputs the “@” at the end of the custom emote text. While targeting Logan Thackeray, /me tickles @ shows [Character] tickles @ rather than [Character] tickles Logan Thackeray.

In Borderlands 3, how do you get emotes?

Simply hold the Options button on the PS4 or the Menu button on the Xbox One to bring up the emote wheel while playing Borderlands 3 on console. Simply pushing the button will open the main menu; instead, wait a few seconds before releasing the button, and you’ll be able to choose the emote you desire.


The “best wow emotes” is a way to show your emotions in World of Warcraft. To use it, you need to type “/em emote name”. For example, “/em grumpy cat”.