There’s a thing called the Slayer Contract, which is only available for members who have earned at least 100 million experience in the game. The contract allows players to pay a fee and complete an objective that will “slay” Red Dragon from the game forever. But getting this contract isn’t easy; it requires you to kill around 1,000 creatures of all types before obtaining one free contract and then use it on Red Dragon with your own items!

In the game, “brutal red dragon osrs,” players are tasked with killing a dragon. The goal is to kill the Red Dragon without being killed by it.

How do you kill Red Dragon Osrs?

What is the best way to slay Red Dragon Osrs?

The easiest way to bank is to use an Amulet of Glory to teleport to Edgeville, then return to the dungeon by teleporting to your player-owned home in Brimhaven (needs 40 Construction) through the House tab…. Taking out red dragons.

Profit Gained experience
146,620 7,448 22,400
Contributions (3,500) Finished products (150,120)

Are you good at spotting Demon of a lesser ranks?

Because lower demons may now use magic attacks on inaccessible targets, the safe place no longer functions. The Demon of a lesser ranks, on the other hand, are vulnerable to ranged strikes, particularly crossbow bolts.

What is the XP value of Demon of a lesser ranks?

Demon of a lesser rank

Although smaller, it is still rather large.
Information about the battle
Level LP XP
70 5,000 82.5

Is Silverlight a decent RuneScape sword?

When battling non-demon enemies, Silverlight is a very weak weapon, with damage and accuracy comparable to a Bronze longsword. When fighting most types of demons, though, the sword will get a significant improvement in accuracy (enough to accurately hit mid-level demons resistant to melee).

After Dragon Slayer, how do I go to Crandor?

Crandor can only be reached by boat if you’ve asked Ned to take you there during the Dragon Slayer quest. Use the tunnel within the east Karamja Dungeon after completing the task. You go up to the volcano near the fishing location, then descend inside a dungeon.

If you die, how do you return to Dragon Slayer?

Before you enter the room, make sure that your anti-dragon shield is equipped. Also, if you go south a little further past the Demon of a lesser ranks, you should see a wall with an open option. Push it to go through and unlock a shortcut back to Elvarg in the event that you die or teleport away.


The “baby red dragon osrs” is a type of monster that can be found in the popular game, “Red Dragon.” The baby red dragon has a chance to drop a green item called an “Egg of Red”. The Egg of Red can then be used on any adult red dragon.